unpopular opinions: 2022 edition! // the one where i get heated

I was tagged to do this by the wonderful Aster! I’ve done this tag before but it was so long ago, and my stash of unpopular opinions has grown since 2018. So let’s do this!

1. A popular book/series that you don’t like

I was going to pick Kingdom of the Wicked by Kerri Maniscalco but I’m going to attempt to read the subsequent books to see if I like them better. Anyways, the pick for today is going to be Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo. It’s popular, especially with the sequel on the horizon, but I just found it so boring. Alex’s main personality traits are not doing her homework and seeing ghosts! I didn’t see enough Darlington and Alex interactions! The mystery is just kinda vague! The dark academic vibes are present only in theory! I don’t know, I never felt immersed in a complete story, it felt more like a rough draft.

2. A book/series that many people don’t like, but you love

On the flip side, I’m sad more people didn’t love Portrait of a Thief by Grace D. Li! I think the marketing tactic of “art museum heists with some social commentary” didn’t really work, since this book is more about social commentary than anything else. I personally loved the characters and their struggles, passions, and wants, but I can see how the heist aspect would be disappointing.

3. A love triangle where the main character ended up with the person you didn’t want them to end up with / An OTP you don’t like

I pretty much hate every ship in The Atlas Six universe except for Nico and Libby. Actually, I wouldn’t mind seeing Callum and Reina just because I think they’d burn the world down together. Anyway, somehow the author has everyone and their great uncle’s third cousin twice removed get together in this book except for the one I want to be canon??? So what’s up with that Olivie Blake??? What did I ever do to you???

4. A popular genre that you hardly reach for

Romance 100%. I’ll read contemporary stories with romance, but I’m never quite reaching for romance books you know? I’ve considered The Love Hypothesis but even the mere thought of it makes me bored.

5. A popular or beloved character that you don’t like

Obligatory Parisa insult: who the heck likes her??? She is easily the worst character in the book by virtue of “perfection” and boring chapters and lack of meaningful chemistry (aka non-physical) with any of the other characters.


Audrey Rose is my official choice for Popular Character I Despise. Actually, in the first book, I liked her! She was born into an era of society that treated women as far, far lesser than men. She’s clever, and knows what she wants! Unfortunately, the plotting did her wrong in the last two books and that cleverness becomes stupidity. She’s stupid. She and Thomas put all this work into their relationship and not making it a power imbalance, and then suddenly everyone’s cheating and lying. Not to mention it’s like she forgot how to solve a mystery. A scone would go missing and she’d ignore the trail of crumbs and go straight to interviewing some guy who’s famous for eating. ANYWAYS SHE’S ANNOYING.

6. An author that you can’t seem to get into

I actually don’t have an answer for this question. I’d say Victoria Schwab, but I’ve only read (well, DNF’d) one book by her. And I’ve knocked Kerri Maniscalco’s books enough already, so I’m going to pass on this question!

7. A popular book trope you’re tired of seeing?

Smut? Is that a trope? I feel like a lot of fantasy authors now feel pressure to put smut into their books because of Booktok, and it honestly makes a lot of books worse. The focus on worldbuilding, character arcs/relationships, and excellent plotting gets lost when smut is added just for the sake of it.

8. A popular book/series that you have no interest in reading

At this point, I feel like reading a Colleen Hoover book would make me lose all respect for myself. It’s become a matter of principle. I’m too well-read to read lesser Wattpad fanfiction when I could just read good Wattpad fanfiction. For free. I mean, Colleen Hoover brings nothing to the table that thousands of authors haven’t before, except that the other authors never had the advantage of Tiktok and had actual good books. Should slandering Colleen Hoover become my main personality trait like a quirky YA girl? I can become an Emilia or Abriella by not being like the other girls! Whoo*!

*don’t ever get me started on colleen hoover ever again cuz i get HEATED

9. The saying goes that “The book is always better than the movies,” but what movie or tv show adaptation is better than the book?

I haven’t actually read The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson but this horror mini-series is just so well-done I’d be impressed if the book could top it. Also, the show has Oliver Jackson Cohen in it? So…the book is already at a severe disadvantage.

I tag anyone who wants to do this! I can never remember who’s done this tag recently and who hasn’t lol. Tell me: what’s an unpopular opinion of yours?

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23 thoughts on “unpopular opinions: 2022 edition! // the one where i get heated

  1. I can agree with the smut. I feel like it is thrown in so that it can be considered romantasy and although I don’t mind romance, sometimes it just doesn’t make sense when it gets thrown in.


  2. I loved this tag! Although some of our opinions are different. I personally loved Ninth House but you have valid criticism, even I can see that. I went in with low expectations because I only picked it up as it was Bardugo, the premise didn’t initially appeal to me (the power Leigh had over me at that time) so I think that worked in my favour. I did like Alex though, but I really hope her and Darlington don’t become a couple which may be an unpopular opinion.
    Anddddd Parisa was my favourite atlas six character 😅 I really wanted her and Reina to have more scenes together! But I can agree that Libby and Nico are required to be endgame.
    Big agree on avoiding Colleen Hoover though!!!
    Again, loved this post!! 💜💜

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    1. thank you! i can totally see why you loved ninth house! it’s such a creative premise, and the magic system is really cool. i’m glad you enjoyed it! ooh, how come you don’t want them to be a couple??? i kinda agree in that they don’t share a ton of scenes together haha. PARISA WAS YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTER?!?! okay…i won’t judge…LOL. yassss libby and nico are 100% endgame. awww thank you💜💜

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      1. I think Darlington and Alex would feel a little forced or cliché, I don’t see them together. Not to say I can’t be convinced otherwise with the sequel, but at the minute I think they would be better with other characters, if anyone.
        I know, I’m sorry 😅 you can judge!! 😂Although my favourites aren’t always because of likeability. I like how manipulative she was and afraid of emotion/closeness. I think she is a fun character to play with and I would love to see her need someone later on, we shall see.

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  3. haha i love reading these tags and seeing where opinions differ. I actually really loved the canon ships we got in The Atlas Paradox but I also love NicoLibby so I completely understand your feelings!! But I 100% feel the same as you about Colleen Hoover books – they’re not for me and I have no interest in them (….and i don’t really get why they’re even popular….)

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  4. Ahhh portrait of a thief was SO GOOD, it definitely has it’s faults but I just love the story way too much 😂 and you’re not missing anything out with Colleen hoover, I’ve read some of her works and well I’ve definitely been traumatised since
    Love this!!

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  5. I had so much fun reading your answers! I also have no interest in Colleen Hoover’s books, even though I got Verity for free on Kindle in 2020. I was mildly interested in it then, but the crazy hype and other stuff people shared about her books put me off.
    I’ve read The Haunting of Hill House and IMO the TV show is better.
    Nico and Libby!!!! YEEEES!

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    1. awww thank you so much!! and YES same!!! before she blew up i was like “oh verity sounds so interesting” and now i’m like you could not PAY me to read that book lol.
      omg really??? were the differences between them big? i’m not sure how faithful the TV show is to the book but i’m curious!
      YESSSS #nicolibbyforever


  6. I know it’s been a long time since you made this post, but I loved reading your responses! I definitely agree with the book trope question; it’s almost as if it’s added in simply because they have to. As for Colleen Hoover… I liked It Ends with Us, but I’d be lying if I said that I see myself reading another one of her books anytime soon.

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    1. awww thank you!!! i almost can’t even blame authors for adding it because i’ve actually seen MULTIPLE people say that if there isn’t smut in a book, they won’t read it?! which is the most ridiculous thing i’ve ever heard lmao. i’m happy you enjoyed it ends with us, i heard that that one is actually quite personal and i appreicate that she acknowledged how abusive it was.

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      1. It definitely makes sense as to why they’d add more smut in, but it makes you wonder whether it’s worth changing aspects of one’s book simply to reach a bigger demographic. Also, I had no idea It Ends with Us was personal! It’s odd that I didn’t know about that, given that twitter constantly talks about the book.

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