WWW Wednesday! // ft. dystopian amusement parks, friends-to-lovers, and political fantasy

Guys…why are books so amazing??? Like, I just look at my TBR occasionally and instead of feeling stressed, I just feel happy. There’s so many books left to read in the world, and that means I’ll never run out*! WWW Wednesday is hosted by Taking on a World of Words.

*how long will this positivity last, you ask? until my tbr crushes me mentally, emotionally, or physically. so any day now.

what are you currently reading?

The Getaway is a book I won in a giveaway that recently came out, and it’s astoundingly underhyped? Like, it takes place in a dystopian world, in an amusement park, and follows a whole crew of Black kids struggling in a world where corruption is king. It’s horrifying and brilliant and I can’t recommend it enough.

what did you recently read?

Seoulmates was definitely a book. I will forget 90% of it by December but that’s okay, because it was a chill ride with a swoony romance! And the Korean culture was amazing to see! I do wish that the whole friends-to-lovers thing had been done a little bit better.

what will you read next?

I’m incredibly, incredibly grateful to Wednesday Books for sending me an ARC in exchange for an honest review! This is a political, South-Asian-inspired fantasy that I cannot wait to dive into!

So that’s it! What are you currently reading?

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18 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday! // ft. dystopian amusement parks, friends-to-lovers, and political fantasy

  1. Wow, The Getaway sounds very unique and interesting~~ I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of it before!!
    ahh.. I can’t wait for your thoughts on Night of the Raven, Dawn of the Dove~~ I haven’t seen any reviews for it yet, but it sounded incredible! I hope it lives up to it! 💜🤞

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  2. KAYA HIIIII I LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH ITS BORDERLINE INSANE???? but also. THE POST IS PERFECTION OK?? AND I LOVE. especially since i’ve missed so many of your previous posts (I’M SORRY) and am very much regretting that. ALSO THE GETAWAY SOUNDS FABULOUS AND EXCUSE ME WHILE I GIVE MY TBR MORE CHANCE TO MURDER ME. and can we PLEASE talk about the night of the raven book??? BECAUSE THAT COVER??? IS GROUNDBREAKING LEVELS OF GORGEOUSNESS???? plus ‘political, South-Asian-inspired fantasy’ IS TOO NICE TO JUST GIVE UP LIKE THAT. I HOPE YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH IT


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