Most Anticipated September Book Releases!!

Uh…so maybe it’s already a third of the way into September but books are still yet to be released! So that means that this post isn’t late…right?

september releases I’ve already read/am reading

The Ballad of Never After by Stephanie Garber | The Ballad of Never After is my everything. It’s so magical! And it definitely didn’t tear my heart out and stomped on it and ripped it to shreds! This comes out on September 13th!

Seoulmates by Susan Lee | I was SO looking forward to this one! At first, I was really enjoying it but then it just kind of…petered* out? This follows two childhood best friends who are reunited after being estranged from each other. One of them is a K=drama star, by the way. It comes out September 20th!

*i associate this word with top gun maverick because it looks like peter and peter was in divergent and you know who played him? miles teller and who else did miles teller play but rooster in top gun maverick

The Getaway by Lamar Giles | This is a book I’m currently reading that I think needs more attention! It follows a group of Black kids who all live at a theme park in a dystopian future. But what happens when that theme park becomes exclusive to only rich guests…who want to stay there forever? I’m really enjoying this so far, and I think this might be my under-the-radar hit of the year! Also, this comes out September 20th as well!

releases i am moderately hyped for!!

Foul Lady Fortune by Chloe Gong | Just because I haven’t actually read Our Violent Ends yet doesn’t mean I can’t preorder the spin-off book…right? I know that this involves spies and an arranged marriage and honestly you had me at the cover. This comes out September 27th!

Spells For Forgetting by Adrienne Young | I know that this is going to be an atmospheric, fantastic adult contemporary fantasy by Adrienne Young. That’s all I need to know. This comes out September 27th!

The Weight of Blood by Tiffany D. Jackson | BIRACIAL REP LET’S GO. This is a Carrie retelling set in the segregated South with an integrated prom featuring a biracial protagonist with a secret. I still haven’t read a Tiffany D. Jackson book but let me tell that you that I’m especially excited for this one! This released September 6th!

diverse releases to put on your radar: a Korean mythology-inspired fantasy about an assassin who falls for her target* and a South-Asian inspired fantasy!

*actually last of the talons is one of my most anticipated books but I honestly forgot to write a blurb on it and upon edits did not want to leave it

So that’s it! Tell me: what book are YOU most excited to read in September?

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16 thoughts on “Most Anticipated September Book Releases!!

  1. I’m really looking forward to reading Foul Lady Fortune! Quick confession: I haven’t read These Violent Delights, but I want to see what it’d be like to read FLF first. I was also looking forward to Seoulmates (given that I need something with kdrama vibes), but it’s too bad you didn’t enjoy it all that much! Overall, this was such a lovely post to read 💕

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