august wrap up!!

College has begun and y’all, I’m taking 19 credits💀 The fact that I’m even staring at the screen and typing up something that isn’t for class is mind-boggling. That being said, I really am sorry for falling out of the book world. This is going to be a tough semester for me but I still want to be involved in the book/blogging world because I love all of you and your posts! Also books. And Will Herondale. I love lots of things okay.


Yona of the Dawn Volumes 15 and 16 by Mizuho Kusangi | I jumped at the chance to get these from a library that had them while I was on a trip, and as always, they were spectacular! Yona’s story just continues to get better and better, and I think it’s a shame that the anime wasn’t continued because this story would be spectacular in anime form! 5/5 stars.

Clicking on the image above will take you to my review! I LOVED Belladonna. It’s a gothic-infused romantic murder mystery and no I did not blackmail Adalyn Grace to write it because it’s literally all I’ve ever wanted from a book. We follow Signa, a girl who can see ghosts, as she works with Death to solve the mystery behind a manor’s curse. I truly cannot think of a more apt autumnal book if you adore Jane Eyre and Knives Out. 4.75/5 stars.

I Know Who You Are is terrible. It’s boring until it’s horrifying and not even in a good way. Definitely the worst Alice Feeney book I’ve read so far, and probably one of the worst books I’ve ever read. The only compliment I can think to give this book is that it was unpredictable. 2/5 stars.

Aaaaand Riley Sager does it again! This was actually a really interesting, twisty, relatively enjoyable little lakeside thriller. Apparently, it’s reminiscent of The Woman In The Window but I haven’t read that sooo who knows. 4.25/5 stars!

Unfortunately, my last Riley Sager book is a dud. Why did Stephen King hype up this book so much? Is this a white man joke I don’t get*? The only good part about Final Girls were the flashbacks. The rest was just Quincy being in NY with Samantha Boyd and it was so boring. When you call something a slasher, it’d better be a slasher! 2.5/5 stars.

*that is a joke for legal reasons pls don’t come @ me

Anyways, what surprisingly didn’t disappoint me was this book. It gave all the slasher vibes Final Girls didn’t, along with time travel, supernatural twist like Happy Death Day. The ending shocked me so much that I just stared at the wall for a while. 4/5 stars.

I’m Glad My Mom Died is Jenette McCurdy’s memoir, and I think it’s probably one of the best I’ve read. It reads like a journal, detailing some of the most pivotal and horrific points of McCurdy’s life. Definitely worth reading, just check out the content warnings first.

Little Eve is really weird and kind of horrifying. At first, I didn’t really like it but after realizing that it was basically a book about a cult, I became invested. I have absolutely no idea what to rate it though!!

around the blogosphere

Aster did the Get To Know The Fantasy Reader tag and it was so much fun to read!

Fives did a really cool post listing the Six of Crows characters and their possible MBTI/Enneagram types, and I think that it’s pretty accurate!

Jan had her second blogiversary and I hope there’s many more!

Zoe did the Racing To Read book tag and it was so much fun to read!

Cherry tier-ranked booktok books!

Amanda featured Andrew K. Hoe on her blog, who wrote an incredible piece about Olaudah Equiano and his influences on 21st century BIPOC authors.

Hundreds and Thousands of Books wrote a fantastic review of As Good As Dead (seriously, I’d 1000% recommend reading it over my own because it’s just top-tier).

Abby recommended music through the Me and Music tag and omg her taste is just immaculate.

So that’s it! What’s your favorite book you read this month?

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29 thoughts on “august wrap up!!

  1. Good luck for college!!
    Belladonna sounds intriguing! I haven’t read any of adalyn grace’s books but I’d probably start with that one.
    Thanks for the shoutout, hope you have a great month ahead, friend 💙💙

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  2. Good luck with your college workload!! I’m currently writing my bachelor’s thesis and am starting my master’s course as soon as I hand that in lmao, so I feel you!

    I got an ALC for Belladonna but didn’t manage to read it in time for the release date, so I hope to get around to it this month! I also read I’m Glad My Mom Died and totally agree, it’s definitely one of the best memoirs I’ve read so far, I gotta get my hands on a physical copy someday.

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  3. Ooh, college. Good luck with your workload, Kaya! Hope it goes smoothly and you enjoy the term 🙂 I also ended up loving Belladonna and I’m so curious about McCurdy’s book. I’ve seen so much praise for the book and I got the audio the other day so I’m looking forward to checking it out. Sounds very intense though!

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  4. Good luck with college! I do wish that the anime would have done the whole series as well. It’s why I didn’t end up watching it lol.

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  5. Good luck with college! I hope you enjoy the experience as well. I’m not entirely sure what credits are, but 19 sounds a lot 😅 (okay I googled it and damn, that’s a lot of work. You got this)!! 💗
    I’ve heard so much about I’m glad my mom died, it sounds a important read that highlighted the truth. Glad you found it such a worthwhile read too.
    Little Eve sounds intriguing in its own way 👀 I love the cover too!
    I hope you have a great September! 💜

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  6. Thank you for the mention! I also happen to love Yona of the Dawn! However, I actually stopped watching the anime due to it being incomplete (and the last thing I need is to commit myself to something without a proper ending.) Good luck with college. Hope all goes well!

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  7. OMG HOPE YOU ENJOY COLLEGE AHH and good luck with 19 credits ahah ;)))) !!! WILL HERONDALE YES WE NEED MORE WILL IN OUR LIVES
    I still need to get to belladonna BUT I’M GOING TO START IT AS SOON AS I CAN AHHH!
    Loved this!! ❤

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