Tag Tuesday: Books I Loved So Much I Bought Them!

I’m broke and have limited shelf space, so buying books isn’t really a thing I do. However, occasionally, there comes a good book (or a good deal) that I just can’t pass up on buying for my personal collection, and that’s what we’ll be talking about today! Today’s Top 10 Tuesday topic is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl!

I still need to read this so I can reread the sequel but I really and truly love this book so much. Laini Taylor writes with such poetic prowess it makes me weep every time I behold this beautiful book.

Right now, I only own two copies of this book*. I still need to get the 10th-anniversary edition and any other foreign editions, as well as the original hardcover. ANYWAYS what I’m trying to say here is that I love this book and will gladly fill an entire shelf with books of it.

*yeah yeah yeah, ik I need help
*i say it like it’s nothing💀

I originally read this from a library, and when I saw this on sale at a used bookstore, I knew that I needed this for my shelf! It’s so endlessly magical.

I LOVE this book/duology, and even though I have the ARCS, I went ahead and bought physical copies for my shelf!!

Even though I read this book from the library, I asked for the whole set for Christmas one year because I knew instantly that I wanted to own it!

This is a book that was just here from the last Top 10 Tuesday…but it still technically counts??? I received a physical copy of City of Bones after reading it and loving from the library.

This is the only Selection book I own because I saw it at a bookstore for $3 and it’s my favorite Kiera Cass book💀

So that’s it! Again, I rarely buy books! I’ve been trying to be better about buying books I haven’t read yet. Tell me: what’s a book you loved that you just had to have on your physical shelf?

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20 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: Books I Loved So Much I Bought Them!

  1. I loved The Lunar Chronicles and I’m honestly surprised that I still haven’t got physical copies of this series especially since the new covers came out. So pretty 😍 I loved Strange so much that I got one of the SEs for it and I have zero regrets about it! Great list 🙂

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      1. I actually got the LitJoy Crate ones and… okay, there were issues with the books, such as the really cheap thin paper quality and shoddy binding, but the art on both covers and the boxset itself is stunning so I don’t regret it, haha! 😂

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      2. oh noooo i’m sorry the binding is terrible!!! i’ve heard great things about the quality of the nevernight ones, so at least they learned their lesson? still, it’s sad the strange ones didn’t come out nice! the artwork i’ve seen in those editions are BEAUTIFUL though!


  2. I don’t think I’ve ever bought books that I ended up loving. That being said, I have considered doing that with the lunar chronicles ever since the new covers came out. It was practically love at second sight! Lovely post by the way 💕

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