WWW Wednesday! // my most anticipated sequel of the year, a bonkers thriller, and a slasher

I love Echoes. Like, being able to say “Alexa read my mind by playing the exact song I’m thinking about right now” is great*! Also, this has nothing to do with the post but I thought it was worth mentioning. WWW Wednesday is hosted by Taking on a World of Words.

*i’m exaggerating only slightly bc really how much longer will it be until alexa CAN read my mind?

what are you currently reading?

THIS BOOK IS DRIVING ME ABSOLUTELY INSANE HOLY CRAP. I’m literally dragging it out as long as I can but so much is happening my brain is exploding. Also, it’s reminding me why I have a crush on Jacks??? Please send help for my terrible taste in fictional men??? Anyways, this will probably make my favorites of the year list but I know none of you are surprised.

what did you recently read?

Ohhhh, how I despise my life choices. My dumb brain devoured an Alice Feeney book and then promptly decided that we needed to read all of Riley Sager and Alice Feeney’s books so I can do author rankings. Anyways, this is the second-to-last Sager book I had and it was wild. Not as wild as it might have been if some people could discuss thrillers without spoiling them but it was still unexpected in places*.


what will you read next?

I won this in a raffle from BookishFirst and it supposedly shipped yesterday, so this will be my next read! I love a good horror movie so this works for me.

So that’s it! What are you currently reading?

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21 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday! // my most anticipated sequel of the year, a bonkers thriller, and a slasher

      1. Ahh!! I’ve got it pre-ordered and a hold at the library. My pre-orders this year have been sooo delayed! Gotta cover my bases. Thank you, I am! I hope you are too! ❤

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    1. It’s so cool! The premise is that a girl has to be a witness for the trial for her sister’s murder, but then she’s suddenly whisked back to the very day it happened and she has to prevent her sister’s death and find the murderer before the day is up!


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