Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Books With A Crown On The Cover!

It’s time for me to live my best Disney Princess life! Or at least The Main Character of a YA book life…Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads.

I cannot wait to see how many people choose The Wicked King as a pick for this week! I absolutely adore this book and I think it’s the best of the series. There’s so much political intrigue, murder plots, and angsty romance…take your pick at whatever you enjoy and this book will probably have it*!

*correction: take your pick from everything I enjoy and you’ll probably find something you enjoy

Now here is a book to guess if you can, sing the bells of Notre Dame*. I rarely talk about this duology but The Crown’s Game is such a beautiful Russian-inspired historical fantasy story. It’s a competition between two magicians and the magic is still some of the most creative displays I’ve seen written anywhere. Also, Evelyn Skye is Taiwanese, a fact I didn’t know when I originally picked up this series but I wish I had known! There aren’t enough books by Taiwanese authors getting published, just like so many other ethnicities.

*aww come on this particular disney reference isn’t that obscure…next time I’ll pick meet the robinsons or something

Ooh, one of my first YA books! The funny thing about reading a YA book that people call a “copy” of other books before reading said other books is that the copy feels the most original to you. Red Queen was a lot of my firsts, and so it shall hold my heart in its bloodied hands.

Once upon a time, there was a girl who bought the first book in the spinoff series to The Seven Realms. That girl put it on her TBR for the month, and then four years passed and she never read it. Furthermore, she promptly forgot everything that had happened in the original series, so the wheel of time calls for a reread. Plot twist? That girl was me, and she is I*.

*and grammar is neither the girl’s strong suit nor mine

Okay technically this is a tiara (I think) but who cares right? I mean, royalty is royalty*! Anyways, Stars Above is a book I’ve three short stories from, and one of them I’ve read three times. I uh…should probably read the rest at some point.

*maybe this is why i was not born british

So that’s it! Crowns on covers are not my strong suit. Tell me: what’s your favorite cover or title that features a crown???

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