july wrap-up! // aka the month i got back into audiobooks

July is over and you all know what that means:

Just kidding. That’s not until next month guys! This month is the time to stream August by Taylor Swift and pretty much whatever other fall vibe songs you enjoy. With that being said, it’s time to talk about what I did this month! July was strangely enough the month I got back into audiobooks after complaining about how much I disliked them all year. A little bit of consistency is all you guys ask for, and I can’t even give you that. Side note: I read two manga volumes at the very end of July but I’m much too lazy to talk about them right now so we’re talking about them next month*!

*hmm…maybe i do have a little bit of trouble with consistency…

books read from least favorite to favorite of the month!

Beasts of Ruin by Ayana Gray was definitely not a bad book by any standards. It continued the stories of both Ekon and Koffi, while bringing in a third perspective. I just think that I wasn’t really as invested in this series as I thought since it does run a little bit younger than I’m used to. I do think that the representation and plotting is top-notch, and I would recommend this for anyone who is a little bit younger looking for a great series to read! I gave this 3/5 stars.

Survive The Night by Riley Sager drove me crazy. On one hand, I respect what Sager did and the risks he took, and I certainly didn’t predict everything. On the other hand, did I even like this book? I read it all in a day…but did I enjoy what was going on? I don’t know but I should probably figure it out if I’m going to review it. This follows Charlie who ends up hitchhiking with a guy who might just be a serial killer. I gave this 3/5 stars!

Rock Paper Scissors by Alice Feeney was my first audiobook of the year and my first Alice Feeney book! While I initially gave this 4 stars, I realized that I was mostly invested in the relationship and the twist might have been predictable if I weren’t speed-running this audiobook. So in the end, I think this is 3.5/5 stars? It follows a couple who win a weekend getaway but all is not what it seems…

The Last Time I Lied by Riley Sager was a really hyped-up Sager book that honestly just fell really flat? It’s on the same level as Rock Paper Scissors in terms of stakes, but the last twist just elevated slightly above the latter. I don’t know why but I just feel like the actual plot was just meh. Like OOH BIRDS IN THE CABIN???? So mysterious! So dangerous! Ahhh! Anyways, I gave this 3.5 stars as well but a higher version of it than Rock Paper Scissors (if that makes any sense).

His and Hers by Alice Feeney (yes, I know, another thriller) follows a divorced couple (a journalist and a cop) who are being separately framed for murder. I wasn’t really enjoying this one until about 70% of the way through, when the twists start twisting and totally did not predict the ending. Alice Feeney is too good (or maybe I’m just too dumb). Anyways, this was ALSO 3.5/5 stars!

Three Kisses, One Midnight by Roshani Chokshi was an absolutely amazing anthology following three friends who want to give their true loves a love potion on Halloween night. Onny, Ash, and True each have their own story attempting to find the love of their lives and IT’S SO ADORABLE. Each of their stories is so romantic and fun, and I loved how each of them has its own diverse culture, and we got to see little hints to that!

Sacred Hospitality by Olivie Blake is a little novella that I basically skimmed just to read Nicolibby content. There’s literally nothing else to say about except that I am quite possibly the biggest Nicolibby simp this side of the US. 5/5 stars for Nicolibby alone.

The Atlas Paradox by Olivie Blake surprised the heck out of me. Mostly because I actually like Callum now? And I only slightly despise Parisa now? Of course, one slight facet of this book annoyed me but I’ll talk about it in my review! Anyways, this was a great sequel and as much as I whine about this series, it’s strangely enough one of my new favorites. 5/5 stars!

i got back into Instagram!

For some reason, it won’t embed so here’s a link! It’s been so much fun getting back into Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/afictionalbookworm/

around the blogosphere

I adored everyone’s mid-year book freak out tags and here are just a few of my favorites: Riddhi, Jayati, Lia, and Aster

Gauri recommended books by Asian authors!

Suhani posted an amazing wrap-up for May and June and IT’S SO MUCH FUN!

April wrote an amazing review for a book that I’m incredibly excited to read now: A Disaster in Three Acts!

Dinipanda Reads wrote an amazing post for her July Birthstone covers!

Yolanda did the Animal Crossing book tag and it was so much fun to read!

Sophie wrote an incredibly interesting discussion regarding the question of would you still blog if you knew no one was reading your posts?

So that’s it! I’ve also been watching a lot of Extraordinary Attorney Woo which I 1000% recommend because it’s a Kdrama about an autistic lawyer and it’s SO good! Tell me: what’s your favorite book you’ve read this month?

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37 thoughts on “july wrap-up! // aka the month i got back into audiobooks

  1. Wow, Kaya, you’ve been busy! It’s nice to see I’m not the only one not starry-eyed about Riley Sager.. I’m still determined to find at least one book of his I like though.
    My favorite book this month was probably The Big Dark Sky by Dean Koontz.
    Thanks for sharing and I hope you have an amazing August!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think the closest a Riley Sager book has gotten to 5 stars is Home Before Dark! I always enjoy reading them to an extent, but never enough to give them 5 stars haha. Ooh, Dean Koontz is a thriller author as well right? Would you recommend his books! I hope you have a lovely August as well!💜

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think Home Before Dark is the closest I’ve come to liking one of Sager’s books as well.. the main character was just frustrating.
        And I would absolutely recommend Dean Koontz. He’s a little bit thriller, part sci-fi, a touch of horror, and completely brilliant at building tension.. Some of my favorites are Watchers. The Door to December. Phantoms. and By the Light of the Moon.
        Thank you and I hope you find something you’ll enjoy!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh, you’re very welcome! I’ve been reading Koontz since I was about fourteen so I’m always happy to recommend his stuff.
        I hope you find something that interests you!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. It seems like you had a rollercoaster when it came to your July reads! Hopefully August is an even better month for you. And I’ve also been watching Extraordinary Attorney Woo! It’s such a great show and I absolutely love it 💕

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ahh, that was a rollercoaster of a reading month (pretty sure I botched the grammar there, but I cannot think of the grammatically correct sentence)
    Thank you so much for mentioning my mid-year freakout tag, I am glad you liked it!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Extraordinary attorney woo is such an amazing kdrama I’m so glad you’re enjoying it as well! I haven’t read the atlas six series but I’m planning on it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. IK for some reason audiobooks just work better when they’re thrillers for me💜 ooh. how did you like final girls??? it’s the final riley sager book I have left after the house across the lake! thank you so much saima, I hope you have a lovely august as well💜💜

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I need to get to Survive the Night soon. When it comes to Riley Sager, most of the books are a solid 3 stars for me. (Besides Home Before Dark. That’s my favorite so far.)
    I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about Extraordinary Attorney Woo. I can’t wait to start watching it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YES same here!! home before dark is for sure my favorite but the rest are definite 3-3.5 star reads. he’s in this weird space where I’ll read pretty much whatever he releases, but I never rate them highly.
      OOH YES I would 100% recommend EAW, it’s so wholesome

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Woo, looks like you had a pretty decent reading month despite the thrillers not being the best reads! I do like the sound of the anthology though and I think I’m gonna check that out (once it’s out if it’s out?)! Your comments about Blake’s books honestly always make me so curious to check it out and even more so now that you said the second book has become a fave! Thanks for shouting on my post and I hoe you have an amazing August 💜

    Liked by 1 person

    And ahhh three kisses one midnight seems SO GOOD??? I’m adding it to my tbr right away!!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Nice to hear you’ve been enjoying audiobooks recently. I find them really enjoyable when in the right mood. A lot of mysteries were read this month, and it was interesting to hear your thoughts on them. I will have to check out Alice Feeney’s books. I am soo happy you enjoyed The Atlas Paradox… I love it when a series stays good!
    Thank you soooo much for sharing my post!! ❣️❣️I hope you have a great August! 🥰

    Liked by 1 person

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