Racing To Read Books Tag!

Hi friends! I was tagged by the incredible Riddhi @ Whispering Stories to do this super fun tag!

Warm Up: A book that stretches your mind?

The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle is one of the most unique books I’ve ever read. I mean, a time loop murder mystery but the main character wakes up in a new body every day? At first, you’re thrown into the deep end feeling befuddled but once it clicks, it clicks. Definitely one of the most fun mysteries I’ve ever read!

Start Line: What’s a book that you started but never finished?

I kinda forgot about Lifelike until I saw it mentioned in an old post of mine. I definitely remember trying this during one of my audiobook phases, and then becoming so mind-numbingly bored (although not as bored as I was listening to Illuminae) that I yeeted it from my Scribd account. And I’m never looking back after all the tea around Jay Kristoff spilled.

Sprint: A book you read really quickly

I just read Survive The Night in July, and listened to the entire audiobook in one day. Not because it was a good book, but also not because it was a bad book and I was hate-reading it. No, I finished this in one day because I couldn’t believe the absolute brilliance of the trainwreck I was witnessing in real time. What even is this book.

Marathon: What’s your favorite long book?

I gotta steal Riddhi’s answer for this question and go with Winter as my favorite long book! It’s just an absolute masterpiece of a conclusion.

Hurdles: What’s a book that had ups and downs?

The Gilded Wolves is such a fun series, but it really takes you on a trip. You’ll be giggling one minute and sobbing the next! And then you’re in awe of Roshani Chokshi’s gorgeous writing but you’re still shocked at what’s happening! It’s a rollercoaster ride of the highest proportions.

Finish Line: A book you were proud to finish

Finishing Mistborn: The Hero of Ages meant that I’d finished an entire trilogy of adult fantasy books (my first and uh…still my only). I was so proud at this momentous achievement in my life that I vowed to do it again and still haven’t! Seriously though, this trilogy will forever hold a special place in my heart because of it.

Gold Medal: Best book you’ve read during a readathon

Archenemies is the sequel to Renegades, a fantastic superhero trilogy that had everything I could have wanted: slowburn enemies-to-lovers, unique superpowers, a diverse cast of characters, and a character named Max*!

*maxes always end up being the most adorable characters tbh

Participation Ribbon: An underrated book you wish got more attention

Both Long Story Short and Flirting With Fate are both incredibly underrated contemporaries stories to release this year! And although they have adorable romances, they also dive deeply into the emotional journeys of our main characters aside from romance.

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