Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Books Set At School!

I am very sorry to say that summer break is almost over. Where did the time go? Today’s topic is about schools but you all know that half of my choices will probably involve a magical school! Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads.

Who would I be if I didn’t pick the book that started my love for the “magic school” trope? Hogwarts is an amazing setting all things considered. It has strange creatures, fun classes, moving staircases…I wonder how many rooms exist in that old castle that we never get to see in the books? WHEN WAS HOGWARTS EVEN BUILT??? Why was it built??? It seems a little extra to build an entire castle for some snotty-nosed eleven-year-olds if you ask me.

Next, I’m choosing a book on my TBR! A Deadly Education got mixed reviews when it first came out, so I never read it. Then the sequel came out and I was busy obsessing over Once Upon A Broken Heart. Now, it’s much too close to the entire trilogy being done for me to read the first two books and then have to wait for the third*. But I know that this has a magic school and for that fact alone it stays winning on my TBR.

*wow, you guys are lucky! you just got a first-hand glimpse at the impossible logic that explains why i never read the series i say I’m going to read!

Two castles, two schools: Good and Evil. This book is one of my favorites because the magical school isn’t just the ultimate fairy-tale setting, it also serves as an interesting mark of how an environment can change someone or reveal who they really are.

Now here’s a favorite book I haven’t mentioned in a hot second. This dark academia story takes place amongst a bunch of theater kids at some college that I Do Not Know The Name Of. However, this college must be a very unlucky place because dramatic theater kid shenanigans like murder go down there. I adore this book so much ahhh.

A Question of Holmes takes place at Oxford and is the fourth and final book in the Charlotte Holmes series. It also has a mystery in it involving theater kids (maybe I have a type…) but with a dash of Sherlock Holmes! I found this story to be a good time. Also, Jamie and Charlotte are endgame, just saying.

So that’s it! What’s one of your favorite books that take place at a school, magical or otherwise?

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14 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Books Set At School!

  1. Although I didn’t want to remember that summer break is almost over, I’m sure reading some of the books on this lovely post will alleviate the pain. I honestly had no idea If We Were Villains took place in a school setting!

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