Most Anticipated June 2022 Releases! // summer has arrived in bookworld!

JUNE IS HERE AND SO IS SUMMER. Also, I need to start writing the Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag that I do every year (and am somehow late to publishing every year) so I can actually get it out on time for once! But anyways, let’s talk about upcoming books shall we?

june releases i’ve already read

Go Hunt Me by Kelly Devos is an easy, beachy summer thriller. It follows a group of teens who go to a spooky Romanian castle to film a horror film to increase their chances of getting into their dream schools…but what happens when something starts stalking them in real life? My review for this book went up earlier this week and if you read it, then you’ll know that I was disappointed. However, I do think that if you’re looking for a book that doesn’t require much thinking out of you, and has a twist at the end (for better or for worse) then you might enjoy this! It comes out June 14th.

This Vicious Grace by Emily Thiede might just be the best debut I’ve read all year. Its beautiful, sunshine, Italian-inspired setting is absolutely perfect for summer. Basically, this follows a girl named Alessa who has the power to magnify the abilities of her partner, and together they have to save their island from a swarm of demons that come every few years. The problem? Alessa kills anyone she touches..and she’s already killed three of her suitors as the clock on her island’s survival ticks. Personally, I adored this book. It was smart, funny, and full of magic. It also has an absolutely incredible bodyguard slowburn romance if I do say so myself. This story hits shelves June 28th! My review should be out next week!

A Secret Princess is the second book by author duo Margaret Stohl and Melissa de La Cruz, with their first book being a retelling of Jo and Laurie. This particular story is a mashup of A Little Princess and The Secret Garden, and it follows the adventures of Mary, Sara, and Cedric as they encounter misfortune, romance, and friendship. If you follow me on Twitter, then you’ll know that I went into this book with the intention of it being a mini-review…and it somehow became over 1000 words long. This also comes out June 28th!

books that I’m absolutely desperate for!

The House Across The Lake is Riley Sager’s latest thriller release. I heard Olivia @ oliviareadsalatte on Youtube describe this book as “if you like Home Before Dark, you’ll probably love this” and let me tell you I RAN to add this to Goodreads. I’ve never read The Woman In The Window but from what I can tell, this sounds a lot like that book. Basically, a woman watches from her house and observes the couple across the lake. This comes out June 21st!

A Mirror Mended by Alix E. Harrow is the second in her series of novella fairy-tales, and from what I can tell this one is a retelling of Snow White. Have I read anything by Alix E. Harrow? Uh…next question please. Do I love fairytale retellings? YES. Anyways, this comes out June 14th!

So that’s it! Normally, I have a diverse book section featured but I’ll admit that I’m out of the loop as far as June releases go. So tell me: what’s a diverse book coming out in June that YOU’RE excited for???

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19 thoughts on “Most Anticipated June 2022 Releases! // summer has arrived in bookworld!

  1. jisdajhshjdshj you have no idea how FAST i clicked on this post in the reader ok?? I HAVE BEEN MISSING YOUR ANTICIPATED RELEASES POSTS SO MUCH 😭😭 ALSO ALSO this vicious grace sounds so good i kind of NEED IT RIGHT NOW??? and did someone mention ITALIAN-INSPIRED SETTING????? BYE I AM RUNNING. (also YOUR REVIEW!! I CANNOT WAIT!!) and a secret princess sounds AMAZING too?? YOU COMBINE RETELLINGS OF TWO OF MY FAVORITE CHILDHOOD STORIES AND I AM HERE OK??! as for diverse june releases, i kissed shara wheeler – i’m currently reading this AND KJDSAHGSADGSAGHSGH I HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE AND AM HOPELESSLY OBSESSED! and i am DYING for home field advantage (came out 7th june) but school is making it difficult to READ ALL THE BOOKS 😭😭 AND DID I MENTION I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS POST????

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AHHH ANOUSHKA that seriously made my day to read that😭😭 YESSS this vicious grace is SOOOO good and the italian-inspired setting is *chef’s kiss*. And IKRRR a retelling of two childhood stories just sounds beyond perfect!! oooh, i’ve heard of that book! i hope you enjoy it and home field advantage whenever you get around to them!! school is really killing the reading mood for me too😭 BUT AH THANK YOU!!!💜

      Liked by 1 person

  2. AHHH SUMMER!!! I’M SO SO EXCITED AKSJKSH!!! And hahah I just posted my mid-year-freak-out tag AND IT’S SO MUCH FUN TO DO??? EXCITED TO READ YOUR POST !!!
    AHH THIS VICIOUS GRACE, I just love that name so much!! Plus pretty cover aksjsjhdg. AND OH GOSH THE PLOT LOOKS AMAZING!! I have to read this NOW!

    Liked by 1 person

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