Tag Tuesday: Top 10 Books I Was SO EXCITED To Get But Still Haven’t Read…

Every year, I make a goal to read the books that I own. And every year, I fail at completing that goal. It’s practically a tradition now. Anyways, let’s talk about my failures*! Top 10 Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

i feel like i make this statement every month…y’all probably know my flaws better than i do at this point.

I got The Toll roughly 5 years ago. I was so excited because (a) I got it for a good price and (b), I figured that owning the sequel would make me read Scythe faster. Both of those points ended up being true but uh…I still haven’t actually read The Toll. Would I recommend buying a sequel before reading the first book from this experience? Yes and no. Yes because you might read the first book, and no because you might be so lazy that you never make it to the sequel.

Yeah yeah yeah, this one’s obvious. I know. I get Shadowhunter books as soon as they’re released and then they just vibe in the corner. It’s so bad.

I AM SO EXCITED TO EVENTUALLY READ THIS AGAIN. I had dreams when I bought it that I would instantly binge it, love it, consider it an all-time favorite, and ramble about it in every post of mine for two months straight. That hasn’t exactly happened. Yet.

I got this book in March so it’s not as bad??? But I need to read this ASAP! It’s a highly regarded Peter Pan retelling! What is wrong with me !!!!!

I received the newest installment of every Lockwood and Co book for my birthday for three years straight. So when 2017 rolled around, I was too sad to binge this book immediately which was a MISTAKE because it is now 2022 and I haven’t even started it and now I should probably reread the ENTIRE SERIES before starting this one and*-

*this is what your english teachers like to refer to as “run-on sentences” and highly advise against using.

I was so excited for this book when I got it back in November (especially the gorgeous golden Fairyloot edition!) and yet I just haven’t read it yet. Someone please lock me out of my NetGalley account and my library account.

So far, I’m 0-1 with Schwab’s books but I still have hope for this one that I bought 5 years ago! After all, you can’t get music and monsters wrong right? RIGHT?!?!?!

Since I love The Seven Realms series, I was so excited when I bought this book many years ago! Obviously, I never finished it. I’m the queen of failures.

I also got this one in March but I still haven’t read it, despite being incredibly excited for it! I’ll give myself a little leniency however, since hard-hitting contemporaries are very emotional.

So that’s it! Those are all the books I was super excited for but failed tremendously at reading. Tell me: what’s a book you were excited about getting but still haven’t read yet?

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28 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: Top 10 Books I Was SO EXCITED To Get But Still Haven’t Read…

  1. Ooh, I totally forgot about We Are Not Free. Probably because I was looking mostly at the physical copies that I have but that is one book that I was ridiculously excited about getting and yet… I forgot that it existed 🥲 Silly panda. I hope you enjoy all these books whenever you get to them!

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  2. ahh not me totally forgetting we are not free was on my tbr.😭 Tbh, in the first I thought I wouldn’t have many books in this category and then when I pulled out my tbr i was like “HOW have I not read this yet?? I was so excited for it?” haha. I still have to read The Glided Wolves series and also The Burning God which is absurd considering how much eager i was to read them. 😭
    And lol that introduction was totally me ✋ I hope you enjoy all these books!!

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  3. KAYA WHY HAVEN’T YOU READ WE ARE NOT FREE YET?? i love that book so so much and i’m this close to revoking your library card and/or hacking into your netgalley account so you better read it soon ok??

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  4. ok i am now seriously considering reading fire-keeper’s daughter just so i can dream amazing dreams about it too (and possibly rub it in your face HOW I AM ACCOMPLISHED LIKE THAT MWUAHAHAHA) i need to read so many of the other books you mentioned too, so here’s to us reading ALL the books/ possibly achieving immortality in the process!

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  5. AHHH GILDED IS ON MY TBR TOO!! I’ve loved almost every book Marissa Meyer has ever written, AND GILDED JUST SEEMS SO GOOD!!i’ve heard it’s grittier compared to the lunar chronicles so I’m excited to see how she writes a darker book!And omg the fairyloot edition must be SO PRETTY!! IT’S GOLDEN??? AHHH I NEED IT !! i have like only one fairyloot book BUT IT IS STUNNING!! I stare at it 24/7 akskks!! All of their editions are just too beautiful 💫💫
    THIS SAVAGE SONG IS SO SO GOOD AHH !!! It was the first VE Schwab book I ever read and I FEEL IN LOVE!! The second book will make you sob though haha
    We are not free is spectacular as well, it’s such a good historical fiction, I hope you love it too!!!
    Hope you adore all of these💖💖💖

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    1. OMG YAYYYY!! SAME HERE her books are just SO good aghhh. yesss i wonder just how much darker it will be??? the lunar chronicles were pretty light-hearted (except for fairest that got DARK) so i’m excited for gilded. and YESSS OMG IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL. which fairyloot book do you have??? i’m so obsessed with just staring at beautiful bookstagram photos of all their editions😊
      YAY i’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed this savage song!! it makes me more excited to read it! and we are not free too!! thank you so much suhani💜

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  6. Your top 10 mostly consist my tbr and i really hope i can find time to read them all soon! 😭😓 But i’ve already read some like the fire keepers ang the last song. hope you enjoyed it ask much as i did. 💕😍

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