Tag Tuesday: Top 5 (but really 3) Drinks I Enjoy While Reading!

Usually, I don’t drink much while reading. But of course, there’s always exceptions! Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads.

#1: Ice Water

Boring, yes, I know, but have you ever had crystalline ice water??? ESPECIALLY when you’re thirsty??? It’s the perfect accompaniment to a book.

#2: Tea

Talk about a comfort drink! Tea is perfect for reading partially because you can pretend you are a fine British lady having tea with the countless characters in your novel. Jane Austen would be proud (I think).

#3: Strawberry Milk

LOOK STRAWBERRY MILK IS GOOD ALRIGHT. I am a very passionate defender of its merits! And its merits are that it tastes good!

That’s pretty much all I drink while I’m reading? But leave me any good suggestions below!

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15 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: Top 5 (but really 3) Drinks I Enjoy While Reading!

  1. Haha I love this and thank you for appreciating water. There is a reason it is the OG one 😂 sadly I don’t like tea, but my grandma just visited and the amount of tea she drinks 😱 I am now an expert at making it!! Strawberry milk is the best flavour of milk!
    I tend to drink water, coffee or (more recently) smoothies!! 🥭🍒🍓

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      1. Tea drinkers mean business and they will judge the colour of said tea 😂😂
        Oohh.. I find it is the juice that makes the smoothie. You need decent orange juice and a splash of lime juice. 😂 Fruit wise probably strawberries, cherries and mango!

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  2. Oooh, Kaya, going strong on the strawberry milk debate!! (I’m so sorry, but I am opposed… 👀🤭) I just don’t like the strawberry flavour taste… I do love strawberry smoothies though, if that helps?!! Hope you had fun with this week’s topic 💕

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  3. STRAWBERRY MILK IS AMAZING I’M A STRONG SUPPORTER OF THAT! honestly anything is better than just plain milk😭😭✋✋
    and I feel so fancy while drinking tea too but my sleep deprived self just needs coffee to function 😭

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  4. i’m 100% with you on the strawberry milk front! it’s just so yumm 🙂 I’m an occasional tea drinker (nothing really hit the spot better than a good cuppa when I’m in the mood!) but I’m still much more of a reg coffee drinker. Gimme a cold brew and I’m happy! Lol

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