a reading update/may tbr :)

Today’s post is a reading update because I did not get a WWW Wednesday post out in time this week. And I’m so behind on reviews, I think it’s beneficial to at least mention some of what I’ve been reading!

recently read:

I just finished this YA contemporary story about a homeschooled math genius who goes to Shakespeare camp in order to fulfill a list…so her parents will let her go to her dream school. You wanna know what this book contains? Let me give you a list:

  • SO MANY SHAKESPEARE QUOTES. Oh, to be in love with someone who will quote the Bard at you.
  • Banter galore? Rivals/Enemies to lovers? LET’S GO???
  • This book is just one good old summery time. It got me out of a reading slump!
  • That’s the end of the list but I just want everyone to know that I wholeheartedly recommend Long Story Short.

currently reading

Heck yeah! I’m actually reading an anticipated release from March, which is much better than reading it in December! In case you’re new (or have missed me yelling to the moon and back about this book) One For All is a Three Musketeers retelling featuring a girl with POTS. Barbie and Mickey Mouse have certainly prepared for me for this story.

a hesitant tbr

This TBR is not set in stone nor complete, but they’re the two that I think I’m most likely to get to this month. Wake The Bones is a small-town supernatural horror story and Violet Made of Thorns is a fairytale featuring an anti-heroine.

So that’s it! I just wanted to give a quick reading update for the week/month. Tell me what you’re currently reading or if you have reading plans!

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10 thoughts on “a reading update/may tbr :)

  1. Long Story Short sounds so cute (also has me singing TS lol) but I’m defo adding that to my wishlist! I’ve got All for One and Violet Made of Thorns on my TBR too and I can’t wait to check both out. I hope you enjoy AFO and whichever book you pick up next 😃 Happy reading!

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