bank it or bin #3 // it’s been too long

Hi guys! I’m back with another edition of Bank it or Bin it, created by the amazing Vee_Bookish! The last time I did an installment in this series was uh…November??? And I don’t think anyone wants to know how many books I’ve added to my TBR since then. So let’s hopefully remove some books from this TBR!

I love The Seven Realms series. So obviously, way back when, I bought the first book used in her spinoff series based in the same world! I still want to read this book, so it’s getting banked.

UH OH. We’ve unfortunately arrived at a crossroads. You see, my every instinct is screaming “BIN THIS BOOK! YOU’VE OWNED IT SINCE 2017!” which is honestly a great point. But also…I own it. What if I randomly pick it up someday? Hypothetically, I should get rid of it but it’s so hard getting rid of books when you don’t buy them regularly. ALRIGHT. I’M BINNING IT. There! It’s written in WordPress Ink, so it’s unbreakable.

Haha…this just reminds me of how long ago I read Strange the Dreamer. As of now, I still want to read this sequel but that reminds me: has Laini Taylor released anything since? I feel like she dropped a masterpiece duology (even if I haven’t read the second book) and then dropped off the face of the earth. Bit of a Dream Drop Distance, isn’t it*? Anyways, this is getting banked.

*this title is so bad it doesn’t even work for jokes wth kingdom hearts

The Kiss of Deception’s premise still gets me. Like, we’re following a girl who is being tracked down by a prince and an assassin, and we get all three of their perspectives…but you don’t know which one’s the prince and which one’s the assassin. I MEAN, HELLO??? That’s a premise that still holds up today! So it’s getting banked!

I already forgot what this is about but I’m banking it anyways because I want to read more of Holly Black’s backlog. I’m really good at whittling down my TBR, aren’t I?

So that’s it! 4 banked, 1 binned. I’m doing really well here guys.Tell me: have you read any of these books? Do you agree with my choices?

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8 thoughts on “bank it or bin #3 // it’s been too long

  1. i love this post but HOW DARE you bin ‘long may she reign’?? the cover is GORGEOUS kfsdgshgf (idk anything about the premise though, lol)

    i’ve heard so much about the ‘strange the dreamer’ duology- definitely going to read it one day; so glad you enjoyed it! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AH IK it’s been so long though😭 watch me just pick it up and read it on a whim before i have the chance to get rid of it LOL.

      the first book is absolutely incredible, i hope you end up reading it and loving it! thank you so much💜


  2. I need to read Cinda Williams Chima!! There are so many books to read but I need to 😍 glad to hear your are a fan… Hope you love flamecaster when you read it, and that it is as badass as its cover!!
    Okay, you’ve just made me realise where did Laini Taylor go and HOW DID I NOT KNOW THAT WAS THE PREMISE OF THE KISS OF DECEPTION?? so iconic. I need it now.

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    1. Her books are some of the most underrated YA fantasy out there imo! (and i say that without having read them all LOL). flamecaster’s cover is >>>. IKR Laini Taylor just disappeared and I’m so sad??? Let me know if you read The Kiss of Deception, it just sounds so good!!

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