WWW Wednesday!!

I’m possibly the most inconsistent person ever with these posts but hey, we’re doing one today! WWW Wednesday is hosted by Taking on a World of Words.

what are you currently reading?

The Atlas Six has been going viral on BookTok for a bit, so I finally (naturally) gave in and got it from the library. And holy crap you guys?!?!?! Why don’t we have more fantasy dark academia books*??? I feel like recently there’s been an uptick on fantasy novels that fall firmly in the “new adult” genre and I want to read them all now. Oh yeah, this book is about six magicians who are competing to be accepted into a prestigious magical society. When I say I’m obsessed, I’m not exaggerating for once in my life.

*probably because that’s all that i would read actually

what did you recently finish reading?

I wasn’t kidding when I said I was going to fit this manga into as many posts as possible. Will I regret it if I read more books from the manga and end up not liking it? Possibly! But right now, I don’t care! I’m really loving this fantasy* manga from the two volumes I’ve read. Hey, it might have an enemies to lovers romance. Who am I to resist the call of the best romance trope?

*at the start of 2022, i did well limiting my fantasy intake. now? we take no prisoners.

what will you read next?

It’s no secret that I really enjoyed Jo and Laurie a couple of years ago by these same authors. It was a really entertaining Little Women retelling. So obviously when i heard that they were doing a mashup retelling of A Little Princess and The Secret Garden next, I jumped to the request button. This is going to be interesting. I mean, I’ve read A Little Princess a thousand times, and love it to death. I read The Secret Garden once and didn’t particularly enjoy it so I’m intrigued to see where I land on this.

So that’s it! Tell me: what’s a book you’re currently reading, recently finished, or are looking forward to reading?

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20 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday!!

  1. Great post! I haven’t heard of these books before, so I’ll have to check them out. The last book I read was Normal People by Sally Rooney. The next book I’m going to read is Sadie by Courtney Summers.

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      1. Thanks! A Picnic At Hanging Rock by Joan Lindsay was actually my last read, whoops, lol. But yes, I loved Normal People! Such an incredibly good book! Totally recommend! I can’t wait to read Sadie, I’ve heard such good things about this book.

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  2. Ngl, I’m pretty intimidated by TAS. There is *so* much hype around this book and that always scares me off a bit because what if I don’t love it too? It’d be so disappointing 😂 I’m so glad to hear you’re loving it though! Hope you enjoy all your reads!

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    1. Ahhh, that’s such a mood😅 Hype can make even the best of books seem mediocre sometimes. Maybe just jump in whenever you feel like reading dark academia? It’s definitely a mood read for sure. Thank you so much! Hope you’re having the happiest of reading💜


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