Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Anticipated Books On My TBR For April-June!

I can’t believe that we’re in the second quarter of the year already??? Like, where did the time go. Anyways, instead of discussing anticipated releases, I decided to make this a sort of quarterly TBR. After all, we have to face two facts:

  1. I make an anticipated releases post every month and I’m already repetitive enough let’s be real and
  2. I suck at monthly TBRs. Everyone and their grandma knows this, even if their grandma doesn’t have a phone. However, I haven’t tried quarterly TBRs yet so might as well attempt something new, right? Right??? Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads.

Can we just appreciate that the pitch for this book is “Three bodyguards, three funerals”? Like, a girl’s touch who kills every suitor she touches is the perfect set-up for a dark joke a great book. I have an ARC of this through NetGalley so I’m hoping to read it within the next month or two since it comes out in June!

I’ve started this one, but just wasn’t vibing with it. However, I think I’m slowly starting to get back into the mood of reading it? Like, I’m actually intrigued by the plot now! And I’m not checking the page number every paragraph! So hopefully, I’ll get my act together and read this soon!

From what I understand, this is like Blair Witch Project meets Dracula in which seven friends/horror buffs go to Dracula’s castle to film some sort of movie type thing. But of course, they each start getting killed off one by one. This is out in June and I have an ARC of it as well, so I’m desperately hoping to get to it soon (it sounds so good tbh).

I ran a poll on my Twitter (linked below) to decide on what my yearly Agatha Christie read should be and Death On The Nile was decided! So whenever I get my act together and am in an audiobook mood (which should be within the next three months) I’ll be diving into this!

Yeah yeah yeah, I can hear your sighs across the continent. However, I’m just putting this here to subconsciously guilt myself into reading it this quarter. It’ll happen someday.

So that’s it! Are there any books you’re planning to read this quarter? Or anticipated releases?

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11 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Anticipated Books On My TBR For April-June!

  1. Kaya, you haven’t read Chain of Gold yet?? *high fives* me neither! Lol I think I’m waiting for the last one to come out first so I can binge read them together. You’ve got some great books here. I’d happily give you a nudge on your progress with these if you ever need it 😉

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  2. Still not over the cover changing for This Vicious Grace but I’m reading it whatever as it sounds incredible. I’ll definitely look out for your thoughts on Firekeepers Daughter, I really want to read it sometime. Fingers crossed it hooks you soon.
    Book Of Night!! When my copy arrives I MUST read it. Older books – Kingdom Of Back, Blood Countess & Caraval. I must get on with with series sometime.
    Good luck, I’m sure you can get these read. Hope you love them all.

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    1. Ahhh, cover changes can be so annoying honestly. I’m glad you’re still thinking about reading it! Thank you so much💜
      Oh my gosh, I forgot about Book of Night!! Let me know what you think of it! It sounds amazing. And I adore Caraval! Thank you, I hope you love all of your upcoming reads as well!

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