march wrap-up!

The funniest part about my reading in March is that I’d go a week reading hardly anything, and then I just…read a book in one day. I’m confused too.


The Noh Family by Grace K. Shim | Talk about a K-drama! If you can think of a K-drama trope, it’s probably in here. It might not be here in the way you think, though! This story follows a girl named Chloe who gets whisked off to South Korea to meet her rich, estranged family after a DNA test. Except…the Noh family is not as perfect as they first seem. I actually enjoyed this one quite a bit! It’s predictable in some cases, and Chloe is aggravatingly naive at times, but it truly felt like I was watching a K-drama. Overall, I’m giving this 3.5/5 stars as of now.

MeruPeri Vol. 1 by Matsuri Hino | My first manga read of 2022! And I’m slightly terrified! Basically, I picked this up because it was one of three Shojo mangas on the library shelf that said Vol.1 (I have high standards obviously). Also, I didn’t realize until maybe halfway through that this is by the mangaka of Vampire Knight? So you’d think that I love this! But no! This follows a girl who gets swept up in this fantasy-esque plot when visitors from another world arrive through her locket that she didn’t know was magical. Except that the guy who comes through her locket is a literal child. He turns into a teenager when there’s darkness because he’s cursed but still. THE FACT THAT THE LOVE INTEREST IS TECHNICALLY A CHILD MAKES ME SO UNCOMFORTABLE. I’m not sure if I’ll do a mini-review for this one (let me know if you’re curious) but I’m certainly not continuing on with the series. No rating here.

The Bronzed Beasts by Roshani Chokshi | I finally read the conclusion to one of my favorite trilogies! This series follows a group of misfits who do heists for magical artifacts in a sort of alternate universe. I adore each and every character in this book but I felt a little let down by this conclusion. The story felt a little repetitive, and some of the magic felt lost just like the characters. I also have slightly mixed feelings on the ending. But honestly? I enjoyed this one overall! I haven’t laughed out loud and cried reading the same book in a while. 4/5 stars.

Once Upon A K-Prom by Kat Cho | I unfortunately haven’t read the author’s fantasy debut Wicked Fox yet, but I jumped at the chance to read her contemporary and it was pretty good! This follows a girl who doesn’t want to go to prom, partially because she made a promise to her childhood friend that she’d go with him when they were both younger. But when he comes back to town, she’s suddenly faced with a choice. Because guess what? He’s not just her old childhood friend, he’s a Kpop star now! This reminded me of XOXO by Axie Oh (which I adored) but in America. And already with the friends-to-lovers trope. This one is 4.25/5 stars!

As Good As Dead by Holly Jackson | Next, I finished off another favorite trilogy of mine through audiobook! This was…incredibly rough to get through. I very much admire Jackson’s ability to create a trilogy that comes full-circle and has amazing depth (especially in the mystery-thriller genre) but this truly went to a darker place than I ever expected it to go. As in, I had to switch off the audiobook at some points and rewatch Schitt’s Creek. And I listen to true crime. So this was definitely something. I’m still torn on the rating but I think it’ll be a 4/5 star rating.

Hide by Kiersten White | Kiersten White’s adult debut is an interesting mix of horror and thriller. It’s basically a competition in an abandoned amusement park turned deadly. Personally, I thought that this read was just okay. It wasn’t scary enough to be straight up horror, but also not twisty enough to be a thriller? So that was strange. I definitely had favorite characters that didn’t make it so that broke my heart a little bit.

That’s it! I did a LOT of traveling in March, to both Tennessee and Mexico, so I was only able to fit in a bit of blog-hopping and unfortunately wasn’t able to mark down my favorite posts. So I’m super sorry guys but I don’t have a favorite posts section this month. On the bright side, I did actually read this month so this post isn’t just white space? Tell me your highlights of March, reading or not!

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18 thoughts on “march wrap-up!

  1. Ahh, I am also gonna review The Noh family next month, for a blog tour, so I am hoping I like it!
    And Once Upon A K-Prom sounds so good, I literally cannot wait to read it, and I am hoping I get an ARC for it!
    Honestly, I get your opinions about As Good As Dead, but honestly, it’s my favourite book of the trilogy!
    Great wrap-up, loved reading it!

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    1. Yayyy, I can’t wait to see what you think of The Noh Family! I hope you love it!
      Omg good luck!! Once Upon A K-Prom was really good haha.
      That makes sense! I feel like As Good As Dead is simultaneously the best book and the most disappointing book, depending on what you expected out of it. Thank you!💜

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  2. oof yes, i too read like one book in a week and a half during the beginning of march, and after that it was three books over a weekend… so yeah my reading speed was all over the place. i haven’t read any of these (tho i did start the gilded wolves and the agggtm series but never continued them oops) but glad to see you enjoyed most of them!!

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  3. You had a good month! The Noh Family does sound interesting but I am still not convinced, lol. I hope you have a good April!

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  4. So my reading highlight is I’m almost done The Raven and the Dove by Indie author KM Butler (399 pages…) The book a romance/adventure story set in Viking Normandy and I learned so much about Vikings and Christians at the time without trying! Such an immersive read.

    But it has a chapter of graphic sex and some pretty detailed descriptions of Viking era torture which I didn’t sign up for. Originally the book was listed as YA on Amazon?? There was no trigger warning and the cover looked… peaceful. Kind of regret recommending it to some friends before I came upon the torture scene *face palm*.
    Not to mention I was shaken by it for the whole day.
    I contacted the author on Twitter and he removed the YA category at least.

    The Bronze Beast sounds like an interesting read! Love the cover too.

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    1. The fact that you’re enjoying it and that it’s teaching you a lot is amazing!! I need to read more historical fiction honestly!

      OH NO. That’s…not good. It’s terrible when a book is categorized as YA when it’s clearly not lol. Glad you’re doing better now!💜


  5. Ahhh I’ve been meaning to read the gilded wolves for a while now 😭😭 the story seems so fascinating BUT MY LOCAL LIBRARY DOESN’T HAVE IT AND I WANT TO CRY 😭 and hahah I didn’t read like a single book in March till the last week as well 😂😂(except for books I read for school which we will kindly ignore because they were torturous)
    hope you have a great April!!💖💖

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    1. IT’S SO GOOD!!! oh no…that’s so sad😭😭 maybe you can request it for your library to pick up? LOL that’s a mood, March has just been crazy honestly. Thank you, I hope you have a wonderful April as well!💜


  6. Ooh I remember hearing about Hide and was curious about it since I love thrillers. I’m sorry it wasn’t your cup of tea! Once Upon a K-Prom looks so cute so I’ll have to check it out.

    Hope your March was lovely and you had a nice time traveling! wishing you a lovely April 💛

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