Most Anticipated April 2022 Book Releases!

Why is it already April? I’m excited for spring but gosh, time is just flying by. So I guess it’s time to talk about books!

april releases i’ve already read:

Portrait of a Thief by Grace D. Li | You want a bunch of college students doing a bunch of heists to repatriate Chinese art? Don’t worry, Portrait of a Thief’s got you. This story is less about heists, and more about colonialism, the history of art and repatriation, and finally the Asian-American diaspora. I loved it. This comes out April 6th.

Hotel Magnifique by Emily J. Taylor | A magical hotel! Dark secrets! This book didn’t quite capture the highs of The Night Circus or Caraval for me…but it came pretty close. It’s decadent and whimsical at so many points in the story, Definitely a solid YA fantasy pick-up! This also comes out April 6th.

Flirting With Fate by J.C. Cervantes | This is a really cute, heartwarming contemporary with a dash of magic. It follows a girl who doesn’t get her nana’s magical blessing because she crashes her car into a boy the night of her nana’s death, and he gets it instead. So of course, she has to befriend him to get it back! I liked this one quite a bit! This comes out April 19th.

three diverse reads: a magical contemporary, a fantasy sequel, and a sci-fi sequel

An Arrow To The Moon almost became my most anticipated read of the month but I’m not 100% sold on it yet. So I might end up reading it when I see some reviews!

So that’s it! Tell me:

What’s your most anticipated read of April?

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17 thoughts on “Most Anticipated April 2022 Book Releases!

      1. Kaikeyi is also a mythological retelling, I think of a queen from an Indian epic? It keeps getting thrown in with Circe and Ariadne, and it’s one of the BOTM picks for April so that kind of created more buzz for it!

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  1. An Arrow To The Moon narrowly missed my overall list of the year too. Although it’ll probably be in my top listing of April when I finally get my most anticipated book posts up to date.
    Flirting With Fate sounds fun!! Although emotionally difficult at times too. Really intrigued by the Hotel one too. Fingers crossed I’ll get that & An Arrow To The Moon out of the library sometime this year.
    I’m excited for Drowning Summer (especially now that I’ve read something the author wrote), Blood Trials & quite a few others tbh.
    Hope you get to read lots of wonderful books this month 💗

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    1. It sounds SO good but I feel like a lot of people are just waiting on reviews to see if it will actually be good??? I’m hoping it will be!
      It’s super fun! And so is Hotel Magnifique! I hope you enjoy both of them if you pick them up💜
      Ooh, I haven’t heard of those books but they sound really intriguing!! I hope you enjoy all of them! And thank you!!

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  2. Ahhh yayy I’m so glad you enjoyed Portrait of a Thief! It seems so interesting and although I was looking forward to the heist aspect I’m still hoping I’ll love it!!

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