Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Books Featuring Either Clocks or Books!

I don’t know if this is allowed but since I missed last week’s Top 5 Tuesday topic hosted by Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads, I’m combining this week’s and last week’s to discuss clocks and books*!

*heads-up: this is just an excuse to talk about both of erin morgenstern’s books. i’m not even a tiny bit ashamed.

We’ll start with an Erin Morgenstern book and end with one because I’m poetic like that (jk jk). The Night Circus features one of the most beautiful descriptions of a magical clock that will ever grace any book. The clockmaker is actually an important character. I feel like it’s rare for a story to be partially defined by something so trivial as a clock but when you think of The Night Circus, it is the clock that often comes to mind.

I haven’t read this book ever since I was a small child. I did read it multiple times in an effort to actually finish the series but honestly? Even though this is about characters from a book escaping into the real world, I really just didn’t enjoy this story all that much. Part of that comes from the fact that the main character’s name is Meggie and I despise that name. My brain auto-corrects it to Maggie which reminds me of a magpie and Meggie rhymes with veggie and*-

*i would apologize for the rambling nonsense but gosh i hate that name. no offense to any of you out there with the name.

*shamelessly sneaks Jem, Will, and Tessa in here even though this book technically contains clockwork and not a clock*.

I think the fact that the main characters love books is one of the very few redeemable things about this book. I do like all the blue books on the cover. And…I’m all out of positivity I should stop while I’m ahead.

And now, we have come full circle. The Starless Sea is such a testament to the power of stories and words and books. It’s confusing, whimsical, unbelievable. It’s everything a book about books should be.

So that’s it! Tell me a book about clocks or books you enjoy!

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7 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Books Featuring Either Clocks or Books!

  1. This is genius.. xD you easily could’ve done either, late or not, just combining the two is neat ahah — I definately love the night circus’ cover, all the different ones is so pretty, but sadly the story just didn’t worked out for me.

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  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA, I also hated the name Meggie. It reminds me of eggs. And that a lot of people tried to nickname me Meg, and I hated it. (My name has the long ‘e’ sound when pronounced, like meeeeeeegan, so my dad shortened it to Meegs when I was a kid, and it’s stuck ever since.)
    Hope you had fun with this week’s (and last week’s) prompts 📚💕
    (Also, you know I’m here for shameless promotion of fave authors and books — how many times have I snuck The Scorpio Races into a topic?! 😂)

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