the first book haul of the year! // and unfortunately, not the last

Hi friends! I was debating whether to include NetGalley books in this haul because to be frank my dear*, I need an intervention to stop me from pressing the request button. I pretend I have restraint but then a new thriller with good reviews pops up! A gothic fantasy appears out of nowhere! I usually don’t like contemporary stories but this one features one element I really like! And so the circle of Netgalley moves us all. Anyways, after that whole rant, my point is I’m not talking about NetGalley in this particular haul because I’m too scared to look at my list.

*i like referencing movies i haven’t seen so people can bully me into actually watching them honestly

physical books

We Are Not Free by Traci Chee | I picked this book up at a book fair sorta near me for the sweet, sweet price of $6.99 new. I’ve been wanting to read this for so long that it feels unreal to own it now. From what I understand, this is a hard-hitting historical fiction story following the lives of second-generation Japanese-American students during WWII and incarceration camps. I feel like this is one tha really flies under the radar but sounds so, so good.

Tiger Lily by Jodie Lynn Anderson | I’m unbearably obsessed with this cover please send help. I’ve heard really incredible things about this book and I feel like I never read Peter Pan retellings? Like okay, I’ve never even read Peter Pan but reading a bunch of retellings is almost the same thing*. This one follows Tiger Lily and that’s all I know because there’s something telling me not to read the synopsis.

*someone is going to revoke my reader card soon. i can feel it.

A Magic Steeped in Poison by Judy I. Lin | You guys are probably all like “if we have to hear ONE MORE THING ABOUT A MAGICAL TEA-MAKING COMPETITION WE WILL BREW YOU SOME HELP”. I won a copy of this from BookishFirst so I don’t think that this will be the last time you hear me talk about this book. I’m obsessed because magical tea sounds like my new “wizard school” and “magical competition” book crack.

So that’s it! I actually acquired all three of these books in March so I feel a bit better about not having read them yet. Tell me:

Have you read any of these books? Would you recommend them?

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28 thoughts on “the first book haul of the year! // and unfortunately, not the last

  1. Ohh they’re all so pretty!! Might you enjoy them xx

    I caved and accepted two review requests by email, and then requested three off netgalley 😅 though I haven’t gotten any answer for them still (one is « the dachshund wears prada », which is just !!!! i need.)

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  2. I came here to tell you that YOU SHOULD REALLY WATCH Gone with the Wind because Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable were PERFECT – have you read the book?
    Anyway, good luck with your physical and digital TBRs!!!!

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  3. Oh my god, the Netgalley thing is so me! I mean, I do request quite a few books, and obviously not all of them get accepted, but I end up signing up for blog tours instead! The number of blog tours I’ve coming up is …. let’s say high for now.

    And those books look amazing! I hope you enjoy them!

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  4. Ahhh these all look so so good!!! and we are not free is absolutely STUNNING!! I recently read it and oh my gosh the tears hit right at the end ( keep some tissues nearby haha ). AND A MAGIC STEEPED IN POISON HAS SUCH A BREATHTAKING COVER!!! And the plot sounds SO INTRIGUING!! I hope you adore all of these eekk!!!!💖

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  5. Netgalley seems like a slippery slope but the heart wants what the heart wants. How amazing that you found We Are Not Free on offer (no better feeling). I’ve heard amazing things it already, hope you love it!
    And A Magic Steeped in Poison… A YA fantasy with a colourful cover and a tea making competition. It so different from anything else… I love it 😍
    I haven’t read any Peter Pan retellings either, I’ll keep my eye out to see what you think to Tiger Lily!
    Happy reading 💞

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  6. These are great! A Magic Steeped in Poison is a must read for me but I hadn’t heard of Tiger Lily.. I’ll have to add that as well. I’m a big fan of Peter Pan.
    Thanks for sharing!

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