Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Books With Doorways!

Let’s make a bet on how many people will include the Wayward Children series this week (myself included). Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads!

Let’s get the obvious pick out of the way, shall we? But I’m not picking Every Heart A Doorway because I genuinely don’t love that book. But Down Among The Sticks and Bones? Now that is a book about doorways. Generally a terrible doorway, yeah, but I mean for Jack and Jill who loved vampires and dark science-y stuff, it was the perfect doorway.

This book is one of the first non-picture books my mom read to me when I was younger. The famous wardrobe to the wintery world of Narnia, complete with talking beavers, the White Witch, Father Christmas and of course, Aslan, was probably the wardrobe that made me love fantasy as much as I do now.

Technically, a rabbit-hole is a doorway without hinges so…this book 100% counts. I’ve got nothing else to say.

The Goblet of Fire is technically just a portal but hey…portals are just better doorways right? It would be a little weird for a goblet to suddenly transport you somewhere though. Especially if that somewhere is a graveyard.

So that’s it! I couldn’t think of a fifth book, unfortunately. Tell me: what’s one of your favorite books with a doorway?

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17 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Books With Doorways!

  1. I definitely think that a rabbit hole does count as doorway 😂🙌
    AND PORTALS ARE WAYYY BETTER THAN DOORWAYS. So much more convenient and I mean magic!! How can you say no to that?!?

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  2. Haha, I can confirm that the Wayward Children series was on at least half of all the posts. 😂 In fact, every time I saw it I kept thinking “gosh, must remember to read this” as I keep forgetting about it.
    Hope you had fun this week 💕

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  3. PORTALS ARE AMAZING AND WAY SUPERIOR TO DOORWAYS (but still count as doorways too) BECAUSE MAGIC????!!!! Also I need to read the wayward children series so bad AHHHH. I LOVE THIS LIST SO MUCH!!

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