Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Series I Haven’t Finished!

I feel like every time I talk about this topic, I mention The Dark Artifices. Luckily, I finished that trilogy last year, so it won’t appear on the list! And that’s all the good news I have because I’m about to be woefully shamed! Shoutout to Lockwood and Co for being an honorary mention because at this point I’m too tired to put it on my lists because we all know I haven’t finished it. Believe me, you’ll know once I’ve started it. Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads.

You know, I finally understand a fraction of the pain all my non-US readers go through because THE AUDIOBOOK ISN’T AVAILABLE IN MY COUNTRY BECAUSE IT’S FROM THE U.K. Okay well, to be technical, it isn’t available on some platforms because of the country limitations. The only platform I’ve seen it available on is Libby which has at least a two-month wait. So um…yeah, I understand a little bit why all of you are so frustrated now. There’s nothing worse than wanting to read a book to finish off a series and you’re limited by your country.

Although I remember next to nothing about the first book in this series, I would like to continue on. I haven’t read middle-grade in a while and this was a pretty magical one. I mean, it had a giant cat! (I think). It had a magical competition! (94% sure). And…a hotel maybe? Uh anyways, let’s just chalk this up as an unfinished series shall we?

I really, really want to know how Roma and Juliette’s story ends…but first, I gotta get my hands on this book. I’m really terrified because I know in my heart that it’s a Romeo and Juliet retelling but I’m still banking on a happy ending. Don’t be like me.

I would like to catch up to this manga at some point. I genuinely adore it and then I can surf the Internet without fear of spoilers laying waste to the innocent sections of my brain! But I also don’t want to catch up because once I do, there will be no more indulging my mood reading in between large tome of literature. It’ll happen one day, but who knows how soon?

…yeah yeah yeah, I’m kinda cheating here. I just started this manga last month so obviously I haven’t finished it yet. But I do want to! One day! When I can finally go to the library again!

So that’s it! I decided to not do nay repeats from last year and man, was it hard. I read a lot of standalones, or I just don’t enjoy a first book enough to pick up a sequel. Or, I’m just really bad at starting series in general. That seems about right. Tell me: what’s a series you have to finish?

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13 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Series I Haven’t Finished!

  1. oooh i read the nevermoor series QUITE a while ago, but i do remember enjoying the books immensely!

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  2. Hahaha, can confirm that Nevermoor had a Magnificat (Fenestra, snarkiest housekeeper ever), a competition (trials to be one of the 9 kids in the Wundrous Academy class), and a hotel (Hotel Deucalion, owned by Captain Jupiter North, and where Morrigan lives). I’m also happy to give you a quick rundown of anything else you need to know to keep reading the series!!
    Hope you had fun this week!! 💕

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  3. Ahhh I’ve been putting off these violent delights for TOO LONG 😭😭 I wanted to read it before the sequel came it out but it is evident that I failed MISERABLY. Hope you enjoy all of these!!💖


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