reading 5 star reviews of books i despise pt. 1 // time to pull that reverse uno

While I know you are all anxiously awaiting pt. 2 of me reading 1-star reviews of books I love, I think it’s time to pull a classic Reverse Uno card and read good reviews of books I hate! And by hate I mean “really didn’t like”. Uh…let’s just get on with it, shall we? And of course, this is just for fun and I respect every reviewer’s opinion! The only reason I don’t name them specifically is that not everyone enjoys having their name called out on the Internet lol.

“This book was so intense.. I cried at the end of the book so hard. I understand the motive of the shooter and I quite enjoyed the dialogues between the characters.”

One Goodreads Reviewer

“I liked all the characters. They were all real, even the shooter. I find it hard to say this, but he was very well written, even the best character, despite not being one of the narrators. He was seen through eyes of our 4 narrators. Nijkamp doesn’t sugarcoat anything. Not every author can pull that off.”

Another Goodreads Reviewer
me skipping with my happy place so i don’t get upset

I ONE-STARRED THIS BOOK. ONE. If there’s anything worse than a sensationalized thriller, it’s one about a school shooting. This book contains the following (including but not limited to): people kissing while other people are dying, a cookie-cutter villain, and terrible dialogue. I’m (respectfully) shocked that people are praising the way the gunman is written. He literally has close to no motivation! No backstory! In fact, he devises this incredibly complex plan and then does idiotic stuff throughout the book for no reason whatsoever? Why is a book about a school shooting so…over the top? Why is he having conversations about fashion! I am so confused*!

*i’m unsure if the whole “skipping with my happy place” thing worked

“3) I think my favorite character has to be katherine. I mean she’s like the most “evil” out of all her sisters. Dark fantasy is one my favorite genres (idk if thats actually a genre…is it?) so thats another reason i enjoyed this book.”

Reviewer A

“I know the world building was a little slower at the beginning but I always found something interesting about one of the queens and I would read to get back to their point of view. By the time I got to that queen though another queen would make me interested in them. Around page 143 I was hooked on this book! Every time you think you know where this book is going you don’t…”

Reviewer B

*insert gif here of Fred saying “I think Coolsville sucks” and you’ll have me with this book.

Clearly, people love this book. And Katherine. Specifically…Katherine. If you know me, then you know that I absolutely despise that woman with the passion of a thousand flaming suns. This book isn’t just a snooze-fest with too many POVs. It doesn’t just contain insta-love. No, the worst thing Three Dark Crowns did for me that everyone else liked was introduce Katherine. She’s just kind of wannabe edgy and her powers are meh. Also, she feels like such a forced villainous type of person lacking in everything that makes villains cool. Anyways, I hate her and that’s all I have to say about that.

“Can I just start off by saying THIS is how you write a YA Mystery! Reading this for the third time just proves how amazing the writing was and the build up to the murder was spectacular! Honestly, I am a sucker for creepy mysteries and especially the ones where they take place at a boarding school/academy. Ellingham academy where this takes place just sounds so amazing and I can picture it vividly in my head when I’m reading.”

“Gosh this book was good. I admit, the first 20% Stevie was annoying af, but she got better. Janelle was amazing and so supportive! Nate was hilarious. David was literally my favourite character and I think everyone else hates him from what I’ve seen so idk want that says about me. I think the mystery was well crafted and it has such a good cliffhanger!”

Part of me would like to read the sequel to this book because of what the first reviewer stated: that boarding school atmosphere? Impeccable. Everything else? HARD disagree. I’m pretty sure that I discovered nothing of consequence regarding the actual mystery. I remember the incredible prologue! I remember the ending that made me almost go bald because I was tearing my hair out! Why does this book have more romance than mystery? Why does everyone call this a great mystery novel when Dora could find more clues in half the time? Most importantly: why is David anyone’s favorite character…? Actually, I don’t need to know the answer to that one. I don’t want to.

I am so ready to continue on what is this. Sometimes I doubt if I’m a 4 on the Enneagram because I have the contrarian nature of an 8. Please disregard the previous sentence if you are unsure about why exactly I’m talking about numbers. Alas! That was the wrong interjection but basically: did you enjoy this? Have you read any of these books? Do you agree or disagree?

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24 thoughts on “reading 5 star reviews of books i despise pt. 1 // time to pull that reverse uno

  1. Lol I love this post. It’s so great. I actually liked Truly Devious (not love) but I can see where you’re coming from. Having a single mystery spread out into 3 books is challenging with pacing and everything. I also know better stories surrounding school shootings if you’re ever into that

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    1. Thank you! And haha I certainly can’t blame anyone for liking Truly Devious, I can see the appeal! Do the books get better as they go along? And yesss, please share any recs! I would love to read one that’s respectful and not overly dramatized.


  2. ahh this was such a fun post to read!! I must try doing this sometime 😂 and glad to see I’m not the only who didn’t like three dark crowns! I ended up dnf’ing it because it was so SLOW. I felt so frustrated reading that book ugh I couldn’t understand anything. It’s such a shame though because the synopsis was so interesting!!!

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  3. I haven’t read any of these BUT AHHH READING THIS POST WAS SO MUCH FUN!!! I remember starting Three Dark Crowns a few months back I think? But I dnf’ed it after the first few chapters, becausebI WAS GETTING SO CONFUSED. Like only one chapter had the thoughts of SO. MANY. PEOPLE. it was difficult to keep track and I ended up procrastinating whenever I picked it up 😅😅 BUT NOW I’M GLAD I DIDN’T CONTINUE

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  4. I’m 90% sure I’ve said this before to you, but I have to say again that I’m so glad that another person didn’t like Truly Devious because I felt like the only one. I liked the boarding school atmosphere too but I didn’t vibe with the characters – and after reading 3 books in the series, I still don’t like David 😐

    great post !! 💛

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    1. Honestly, I’m just genuinely glad I’m not the only one who didn’t enjoy it because it’s just SO popular. YES exactly! Oh…well if David is just as annoying in the other books as the first…you have my condolences because that’s a LOT of David to suffer through haha!

      Thank you!💜

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  5. AWESOME POST!!! Same exact thoughts on Three Dark Crowns and Truly Devious! I didn’t read more than 30 pages of Three Dark Crowns, but I did finish truly devious! I really wanted to solve the murder but the ending was so disappointing! What was that helicopter scene hahaha! And truly, Dora would be faster haha great example hahah

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