bookish christmas book tag!

Hi friends! I was tagged by the wonderful Raji to do this tag and well, I’m beyond excited because the Christmas spirit is really getting to me!

Father Christmas: Name a book you received as a child that you treasure to this day:

For three years straight, I received a Lockwood and Co. book for my birthday or Christmas. This was the first one and I truly treasure it with my whole heart.

The Ghost of Christmas Past: Is there a book or series you like to revisit each year at Christmas time?

N-no. I’m not exactly what you would call “a seasonal reader”. Or what you would call “a predictable reader”. Actually, am I even a reader at all…?

Christmas Tree: Name a series that reaches new heights with every entry:

Every book that I’ve read from this manga series just keeps improving upon the last book! The (slow-burn) romance! The action! The twists! I can’t wait to catch up…once I read 17 more installments.

Friends and Family: Name a book with fantastic characters.

I would do anything for most of these characters. I mean, yeah, sure we have the GOAT 3 (Will, Jem, and Tessa) but Charlotte and Henry! Cecily, Sophie, and Gideon! Church! The list goes on.

Decorations: Name a book with a gorgeous cover you would proudly display on your shelves.

Christmas Cards: Name a book that carries a great message:

Loving people can be so difficult, but Bob Goff really goes into detail on how simple it can be. This message is perfect for Christmas, especially the idea of Jesus coming down to earth on account of His love for us and saving us.

Ice and Snow: Name a book that you were hoping to love but which ultimately left you feeling cold:

Recently? Anatomy by Dana Schwartz. This book sounded so good but just failed to bring all the individual storytelling elements together in a concise way. It was so incredibly disappointing, to be honest.

Christmas Lunch: Name a book that was big and intimidating but oh so worth it in the end.

Probably any of Cassie’s books but specifically? This 900-page tome. That’s a lot of pages. But at the end, I definitely felt like the ride was worth it!

Mince Pies: Name a book you found sweet and satisfying.

Me reading the prompt: OH YES-

Me remembering how many times I’ve talked about this book in the last week: Uh oh*…

*this is seriously such a sweet book but honestly i’m making it my entire identity at this point. i’m scared.

Presents: What book do you wish you could give everyone to read?

If I could just gift each and every one of you a preorder of A Far Wilder Magic, I would. It’s so full of longing and pining and cherishing! The Jewish rep is so wonderfully, poignantly done! And the story is just slow and beautiful and worth every single second spent reading it.

Spreading the Festive Cheer: Tag some friends to help spread the festive bookish love:

Oh! Don’t feel pressured to do this but I’m tagging Cossette @ teatimelit and Ashmita @ afictionaljournal!

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23 thoughts on “bookish christmas book tag!

  1. Fable is on my reading list. When I was at the bookstore the cover caught my eye right away, and after I read the back, I knew I had to add it. I can see why you love XOXO just from reading the description off of Amazon. I MUST read this next.

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  2. YES! The fable cover really is SO PRETTY! Ahh, adding the manga series to TBR! (and omg, that first cover looks CREEPY)
    Okay, so since getting everyone a copy of a far wilder magic is pretty much impossible, I shall be kind and do you a favor and add it to my TBR too. Looking forward to reading it!
    Lovely post as always, Kaya!

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