november wrap-up!

Hi friends! I’m in shock that it’s November so um…yeah. I had my birthday this month and my family moved out of our house so I guess you could call it busy. Oh yeah and Thanksgiving happened! I’ll be honest with y’all: I didn’t realize November was ending until like December 1st and everyone else’s wrap-ups were being posted. I have no excuse.


I’m incredibly thankful to Wednesday Books for one of my most anticipated releases of 2022! This is a thriller that is non-stop in the action and the twists. I mean, this follows a girl whose sister gets kidnapped and in order to get her back, has to play some seemingly innocuous (but actually quite sick) games. Gosh, my heart is still racing. 5/5 stars! | My Review

I finished up the Fable duology this month! Namesake was slow at times, and I wasn’t quite as invested in what was going on. But oh goodness, the ending. I just cried as the audiobook was playing. Some of my favorite tropes are written so beautifully too. In case you’re wondering, this duology follows a girl named Fable as she takes passage aboard a trader’s ship to try and find her father who abandoned her four years prior. 4/5 stars! | My Review

If you held me at gunpoint and said “you’re never allowed to read this Romeo and Juliet reimagining in 1920s Shanghai with gangsters” I’d have loaded the gun for you. This concept will never not be perfect to me. I really ended up adoring the romance, atmosphere, and prose of this one. Sure, it was really slow in the first half, but overall it was just a good book. 4/5 stars! | My Review

Goodness, I had such incredibly high hopes for this one! Like, a fantasy thriller with a jailbreak element! Yes please! Don’t get me wrong, there were some great qualities to this one. The plot twists were better than in some straight thrillers I’ve read, and the magic in this is so unique! I think my biggest issue is that I just wanted more development on all fronts. 3/5 stars! | RTC

I love this book with my whole heart and Seoul (see what I did there? Okay bye). A girl who spends a chaotic night with a boy in LA only to later discover that he’s a Kpop idol when she moves to Seoul is…everything. The audiobook had some Korean spoken which made me so happy! This is seriously one of the cutest, most fun books I’ve ever read. And the cover! I’m obsessed! XOXO reminds me of just how incredible contemporary books can be. 5/5 stars! | RTC

Overall, I had two 5 star reads (definite favorites of the year!), two 4 star reads (possible favorites of the year) and one 3 star read. I’m so thankful for November being a good reading month!

some favorite posts (from the first four days of the month because i forgot all about this section after that)

Amanda @ Bookish Brews wrote a gorgeous review on one of 2022‘s most anticipated releases: Daughter of the Moon Goddess!

Gauri @ a book and chai created a fantastic post with South Asian book recs!

Cherry @ Letters To The Lost came up with the fun idea of having a fictional bucket list!

Francesca Lucy wrote a great review for one of my most anticipated releases: Only A Monster by Vanessa Len!

So that’s it! Tell me how your month went! Did you have a good Thanksgiving? Did you have a read that left an impression on you?

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18 thoughts on “november wrap-up!

  1. That’s really disappointing about league of liars. I really liked her first book but the second was just okay for me. Now I’m concerned to read this one, haha.

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  2. I really liked these Violent delights too… The atmosphere was one of my favourite aspects 😍 I hope to get to the sequel soon!!
    So glad you loved XOXO, hopefully I will be able to try out the audiobook at some point 💜💜
    I hope you had a great Birthday Kaya and a fab November too. 💜

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  3. I’m so glad to hear that november was such a great reading month for you!! Aah, I cannot wait to get to TVD, and XOXO too, I am so happy to hear you enjoyed them both so much! Happy belated birthday, Kaya, and hope you had loads of fun!! Have a great december!

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