tag tuesday: 5 goodreads choice award nominees on my tbr!

Hello friends! I wanted to discuss the Goodreads Choice Award nominees but also I guess I haven’t read that many good books this year? Why haven’t I read 99% of these “best books of the year”? Since today’s Top 5 Tuesday (hosted by Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads) topic is a freebie, I decided to combine both of these ideas!

This is one of the nominees for the Young Adult Fiction category, and one that I bought last month! The fact that this features a Native American main character in a mystery that also discusses colonization is all I needed to know to buy this one. I’m excited that it’s in the final round!

This is a nominee in the Mystery/Thriller category! It’s not so much the concept that interests me (although someone who has face blindness going on a mysterious vacation with his wife isn’t a bad one by any means) but rather the fact that this particular domestic thriller has high ratings from some of my most trusted Goodread friends!

All’s Well is a nominee in the Horror category and follows a woman who has a chronic illness that has prevented her from chasing her theater dreams and has instead meant she’s directing a Shakespeare play she doesn’t want to direct. At least, that’s the case until she drinks a mysterious golden liquid that takes her pain away…

This Young Adult Fantasy/Science-Fiction nominee needs absolutely no caption. I’m terrified to find out what’s going on with Roma and Juliette.

Holly Jackson’s last book in her trilogy is another nominee for Young Adult Fiction. I can’t wait to see what happens to Pip and Ravi but please just let them have a happy ending. Please.

So that’s it! Tell me your favorite Goodreads Choice Award Nominee or one on your TBR!

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16 thoughts on “tag tuesday: 5 goodreads choice award nominees on my tbr!

  1. Oh I love how you tied these two topics together!! Nice list!! I sadly have also read only a handful of books on the Goodreads Choice list this year. I don’t even know what is happening in my life any more. I thought I had read more 2021 releases this year, but apparently they weren’t very popular!!

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  2. I hope you get to read & enjoy all of these. I definitely want to get Firekeepere Daughter read next year. And Holly Jackson & Chloe Gongs books too…can’t believe I haven’t started those series yet tbh 🙈
    Ooh so I just looked and by some miracle I’ve read 3 of the final nominees in YA fantasy. Majorly want to get Once Upon A Broken Heart read though. I never finished the Caraval series and want to do that first though. So fingers crossed I can do that this month then read the new book in January.
    Three others are Witch’s Heart, Apples Never Fall & The Lost Apothecary.

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    1. thank you so much! and ooooh yesss, i have a feeling you’ll love both of those series!
      ahhh niceeee! which ones have you read? and i ADORE once upon a broken heart oh my gosh!! i hope you love it!
      ahhh, i’ve good things about apples never fall and the lost apothecary! let me know what you think of them!💜

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