Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Tropes I Despise With My Whole Heart and Soul // the snark is BACK

Okay so maybe I’m being a little bit overdramatic and that’s not technically the name of the topic for this week. But is it really being overdramatic when justice is being served? Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads!

The “I Just Met You and This Is Crazy But I’ll Do Anything For You” Trope

There are way more books featuring insta-love than just Hush but since I try and avoid them like the plague, this was the only one that came to mind quickly. Insta-love is a travesty. It cheats both the characters and the readers out of any sort of believable relationship! Like, why is Person A about to die for Person B when they’ve had TWO conversations??? There’s no angst! No slowburn! The plot is just shoved to the side because everyone’s in love 50 pages in! What if I just talk about how much I hate insta-love for the rest of the post instead of naming other tropes because this makes me so very angry.

The “Supposed Plain Jane But Every Man Loves Her” Trope

These specific books use this trope in slightly different ways. The Throne of Glass series features half the men in this book having a crush on our wannabe assassin “not like other girls” main character. I hate it when books do that because why are you trying to make book boyfriends seem so trashy? There’s a reason they’re in books. The Maidens, on the other hand, absolutely killed me because Mariana stated so many times how incredibly plain she was! Yet how many men flirted with her? I don’t know, maybe at least five off of the top of my head? Let those of us (by which I mean me) who are actually ugly have a relatable main character please and thank you.

The “Shrek and Fiona” Trope

I actually do love this book but gosh, the miscommunication. I hate it when books act like they’re Fiona talking about herself but Shrek overhears her and thinks she’s talking about him and you’re like EXPLAIN YOURSELVES! Have an actual conversation! I also hate it when characters keep secrets that aren’t even like, big plot twists. They’re just kind of character background stuff and yet they act like it’s the end of the world if they tell. I get so disappointed because I was expecting a life-changing revelation from you Important Character and all I got was that you baked custard the night your sister died.

The “Our Best Friend Just Got Murdered Hey Let’s Kiss!” Trope

Oh gosh, this one is self-explanatory. YA mystery-thrillers have this unfortunate habit of throwing romance into the book but usually, that ends up cheapening everything. Why are you all making out in the middle of a stakeout? How come your best friend just got murdered and you might be next and you’re sneaking out in the middle of the night to meet someone? WHY DO YOU NOT TRUST ANYONE EXCEPT FOR THE PERSON YOU HAVE A CRUSH ON? I’m a teenager and I don’t know mate, I feel like hormones don’t screw up the survival instinct this much.

The “I Am Evil. The End.” Trope

I can’t think of a specific book right now but I hate books where the villain is just evil for no reason. Yes, I am a sucker for morally grey characters. But there’s a difference between being morally grey and just…having a reason for being bad. Like okay, you’re greedy for money and power but what you’re doing is clearly too complicated to even be worth that? Go off I guess, villainous creature of the night.

So that’s it! There was a lot of snark in this post so I would apologize if I didn’t mean every word. Like really, why do we still have bad insta-love in 2021? Anyways, tell me: what’s one of your most hated tropes? Do you agree with any of the ones I’ve listed?

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29 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Tropes I Despise With My Whole Heart and Soul // the snark is BACK

  1. Yes. Just absolutely one hundred percent yes to this whole post. All of these I avoid like the plague and I just loved reading you hating on these! Ugh the supposed plain Jane but literally every man is head over heels in love with her is the absolute worst. I need me a relatable main character 🤧 This is now my favorite post ever, I loved reading this so much 😅

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  2. Ergh. Insta-love is the WORST, and I’m actually mad at myself for leaving it off my list. I genuinely hate it. Have a connection, sure. Feel like you know them somehow, ok. But instantly fall in love with them as soon as you lay eyes on them even though you haven’t spoken and know nothing about them? I will DNF a book for that. (Except apparently FBAA, which I hated with the fire of a thousand suns and yet keep reading. That book is literally the train wreck of books.)

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      1. FBAA has almost ALL of my hated tropes in it!! Insta love, knife kink, love triangle (hints), the MC is a Mary Sue, there’s alpha males, and memory lapses… it’s basically my worst nightmare in book form. Plus it’s got terrible spelling and grammar, with character names literally changing on the one page.

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      2. I don’t think it’s intentional, it’s just terrible spelling consistency because she chose not to get an editor. (There’s literally an author note at the start of book 1 about why she decided this… 😳)

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      3. Oh, I remember!! She had such a “strong vision” for this story that she didn’t want an editor to change anything. But honestly, she could definitely have gotten a copyeditor just to fix the grammar and spelling. And possibly remove some of the duplicate errors. It’s so bad.

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  3. I 200% agree with everything you said, especially the romance-in-a-mystery/thriller thing because I recently finished the Inheritance Games duology and man. a love triangle in a mystery book? ew. it wasn’t even done well.
    Loved the post as always Kaya ❤️

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