5 Reasons To Read House of Hollow! // be convinced because it’s spooky season and this book is perfection

Guys, I literally can’t stop thinking about House of Hollow by Krystal Sutherland. So why not channel these feelings into a post that’s not a review because I uh already reviewed it. Quick synopsis: Iris Hollow has always been weird. In fact, the unexplained, unshakable weirdness that follows both her and her two older sisters all started when something happened to them when they were younger, something that left identical scars on each girl. It’s not until her oldest sister Grey goes missing that Iris takes it upon herself to figure out what exactly happened when they were children.

#1: Atmosphere Always Wins

If you loved the atmosphere of books like House of Salt and Sorrows or The Wicked Deep, you will fall in love with House of Hollow. It’s lush, addicting, and genuinely beguiling. The words this book is made up of have got to be magic. It’s a story that is both terrifying and darkly beautiful.

#2: The Cover Is 1001 on the Wow Factor

In my opinion, this cover is the Covergirl model of “beautiful yet disturbing”. The juxtraposition of the flowers and the bugs imposed across a girl’s face isn’t just intriguing: it’s downright brilliant.

#3: A Twist For You! And A Twist For You!

This book is twisty in case you couldn’t tell from the heading. You’re never really quite sure what will happen next, or where Sutherland will take you. The ending twist is better than like 70% of the thrillers I’ve read.

#4: Sisterly Bonds >>>

I was shocked at how incredible the sisterly bonds were written. We have three completely different sisters who argue and fight and would 100% do anything for each other. I mean, just read this quote:

““We were sisters. We felt each other’s pain. We caused each other’s pain. We knew the smell of each other’s morning breath. We made each other cry. We made each other laugh. We got angry, pinched, kicked, screamed at each other. We kissed, on the forehead, nose on nose, butterfly eyelashes swept against cheeks. We wore each other’s clothes. We stole from each other, treasured objects hidden under pillows. We defended each other. We lied to each other. We pretended to be older people, other people. We played dress up. We spied on each other. We possessed each other like shiny things. We loved each other with potent, fervent fury. Animal fury. Monstrous fury.”

#5: Dark Fairytales Should Be A New Genre

I’m not sure what this is technically described as. All I know is, House of Hollow reads like the most perfect, haunting fairytale I’ve ever read. The mysteriousness of the three Grey sisters, the entity stalking them, the strange events happening, the otherworldly ambience…just wow.

So that’s it! I really do adore this book, and it was either talk about this book again or Once Upon A Broken Heart. Anyways, have you read this book? Do you want to?

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