let’s just take a moment to appreciate some of the gorgeous covers debuting in 2022

Read the title and you will understand this post. I just thought it’d be fun to post about some beautiful, jaw-dropping covers coming out in 2022 and then become mesmerized by the screen for 5+ hours. Of course, that means I’l have to share the pain joy.

Like, we’re in October of 2021. There’s countless covers that haven’t be revealed yet and already my eyes are writhing from the sheer beauty. But what kind of magic are these designers using? Also, can we appreciate how many Asian authors are winning the cover game because wow. That’s all I wanted to share but rest assured that I’ll be back soon with less beautiful covers and more of my brilliant words. That’s the way the money rolls*. Tell me: are you excited for any of these books? Which of the covers are your favorite?

*this is a saying and makes perfect sense. no, i am not negotiating on this matter.

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19 thoughts on “let’s just take a moment to appreciate some of the gorgeous covers debuting in 2022

  1. Next year really does have some incredible covers!! Although two of my favourites (one of which I may have already preordered) have different covers in the UK. Still beautiful but is already fallen for the ones I knew 😣 my favourites are Magic Steeped In Poison, Girl Who Fell… & Daughter Of Moon Goddess. All of which also sounded incredible enough to make my most anticipated books of the year. I really love Clockwork Girl too though. And I seriously can not wait for Cassandra Clare’s cover reveal whenever it comes.

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