bank it or bin it #1! // let’s make hard decisions together shall we?

My Goodreads and Storygraph are disgusting. I am appalled at how many books are on my Want To Read, and how many books are literally just unshelved with zero organization. So it’s time to whittle down my tbr, and uh fix the books I’ve already read!

Book 1:

Apparently this follows three kingdoms, one war, and a heir, sorceress, princess, and rebel. I’ve heard this being described as Game of Thrones for young adults and as an avid Game of Thrones avoider I’m loosely intrigued. But I do own it and I don’t own that many books. So I suppose that I‘ll bank it!

Book 2:

This follows Grace who, after giving her child up for adoption at birth, goes to find her own biological family. The fact that this book is sitting at a 4.28 on Goodreads four years after its release gives me hope that it’ll be one of the few contemporary novels I’ll end up liking. You know, on those rare occasions I’m in a contemporary mood. So this is being banked!

Book #3

Someone please tell me why I added the sequel to This Savage Song to my TBR before I added This Savage Song? I have zero clue what this is about because I refuse to read the synopsis for spoiler reasons. Since I don’t even know if I’m going to like the first book, I’m going to bin this one for now!

Book 4:

GUYS WAIT I’M ACTUALLY SO TORN ON THIS ONE. This is a horror dystopian sort of novel taking place where children can be “unwound” or essentially, their organs are put into different donors. Three children are trying to escape. I loved Scythe by Neal Shusterman which is a trilogy I still haven’t finished (oops) but this is also dystopian. I think I’m going to have to be cutthroat and say bin it for now.

Book 5:

Oh, I distinctly remember adding this while I was on a Six of Crows high. As much as I love Six of Crows, I don’t think I’m invested enough in the Grishaverse as a whole to actually invest time into reading short stories. So I’m going to bin it!

So that’s it! I officially banked 2 and binned 3. I’m so proud. Anyways, let me know your thoughts on my picks and these books!

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30 thoughts on “bank it or bin it #1! // let’s make hard decisions together shall we?

  1. Ah yes! Far From The Tree sounds really good!! 😍❤ I’ve been looking for a good contemporary read after being submerged in fantasy for so long now… this book sounds about perfect! Thanks for sharing Kaya😍❤

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  2. I so need to go through all my TBR and decide which ones to keep or not. Although I did recently throw some out! Far From The Tree is a book I own and tbf I only got it because it was £2, but I know Lais from The Bookish Skies really recommends it so I have faith it is going to be a powerful read. Here’s hoping we both love it.
    I have read the language of thorns when I was on a Leigh Bardugo high and whilst it is a pleasant enough read with illustrations, it is a book I would have been happy to miss out too. 😂

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    1. IKR the tbr just keeps growing until you can’t remember what you’ve put on the list anymore😂 oh wow, 2 euros is a great deal! yes, i hope we both love it.
      LOL that makes sense, I’m glad you at least somewhat enjoyed it! (I’m also glad to hear that i didn’t make the totally wrong decision in binning it haha)😂

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  3. Ahh I read the Falling Kingdoms series a long while back but I do remember being obsessed by it back when I did so good choice banking it! I barely remember anything, but it was intense, in a good way.

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    1. ooh yay, i’m so excited to hear that!! i honestly might add unwind again, depending on how i feel about it after i finish out the author’s scythe trilogy hehe. that sorta convinces me to go back to it lol! thank you so much 💜


  4. haha, yes, i’ve added sequels to my TBR before even reading the first book in the series and why do i do that?? but im glad to find someone relates lol. Falling kingdoms sounds intriguing too, I’m definitely adding it to my TBR. Far from the tree sounds so good, and i’m looking for more contemporaries so maybe ill give this one a try!

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