Tag Tuesday! // top 5 sequels i’d stop eating cookie dough for

Technically, the official title for this topic is “Top 5 Sequels I Would Sell My Soul For” but I feel as if it suits me better to stop eating cookie dough. Now that shows desperation. Also, this is last week’s topic but I wanted so badly to do it since I missed out! So uh…please forgive me and allow this bit of creative interpretation. Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads!

six of crows #3

Call me addicted to Kaz Brekker but…you’d be right. I need to know what happens to him and Inej and the other Crows! And I want another heist, complete with all the high stakes and banter and dark drama. I know that one has technically been announced but I am already overflowing with impatience*.

*i say already like it hasn’t been roughly four years

ouabh #2

Sure, this just came out. Will that stop me from anticipating the sequel? No, because I can’t read*! But I truly want more Jacks and an answer to that cliffhanger and more of Stephanie’s gorgeous writing!

*signs can’t stop me because i can’t read. i hope you understand or else this is awkward

descendant of the crane #2

I actually didn’t realize that this was a standalone until after I had finished the book. So obviously, I still feel like there’s so much more to Hesina’s story and this world that is screaming to be explored! I mean, we have plenty of useless spinoffs* in the YA world, so let’s get a meaningful one shall we?

*was that a pointed jab? perhaps, perhaps not

#legendborn 2 (which is technically called bloodmarked)

2022 is a mystery. It’s coming so fast, and yet not fast enough for me to get my hands on this sequel. I am wishing! dreaming! hoping! for endless Selwyn Kane in this book. Give me infinite Selwyn or give me death*!

*that is a direct quotation from patrick henry himself

some kind of cruel prince spinoff…?

Remember earlier how I was talking about useless spinoffs? I do not believe that a Cruel Prince spinoff would be useless. I would be so intrigued by another series within the world of Faerie, but with Cardan and Jude still there. Okay, so maybe I just want more Cardan and Jude. That’s not so bad is it?

So that’s it! Tell me: what’s a sequel that YOU would give up eating cookie dough for? Or…whatever it is you love haha!

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25 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday! // top 5 sequels i’d stop eating cookie dough for

  1. Oooh, have you read any of Holly Black’s other fae stories? Because they’re all set in the same world and there is a lot of crossover. I am hoping that, based on past books, we have crossovers from The Folk of the Air trilogy too when we get new content!!

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  2. Omg yes we all need more Cardan & Jude!! I mean I’d love anything set in faerie by the author but I do adore those two. Have you read the Learned To Hate Stories book? I so can’t believe that I haven’t read Six Of Crows yet. And I can’t wait to read my copy of OUABH!!
    Sequels I’d love right now are Kingdom Of The Cursed which is out, I know, but I preordered a signed copy and it’s been delayed. Tbh I don’t think it’ll come 😭 and Chain Of Thorns because omg those first two books were good!! Need more of those characters.

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    1. i haven’t read the love to hate stories book yet, but i know there’s a jude and cardan story and I’m DYING for it lol!! oh my gosh yayyy, i hope you love both of them!
      oh noooo, that’s terrible! can you email the shipper if it doesn’t come on time? I’m so sorry that’s happening to you, i hope you get it soon💜 and ooh yesss, I’m hoping to read chain of gold soon so i can anticipate chain of thorns (although i just found out it’s coming out in NOVEMBER OF NEXT YEAR??? and here i was thinking it would be like march😭)

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      1. I finally read it this year and loved it!! Plus the illustrations were stunning 😍 I so need some more Jude & Cardan style romances though.
        Thank you.
        I don’t think so as they give you the option to wait or cancel it when the date changes. I’m hoping I will get a copy though as they sent an email with another date now so fingers crossed it comes. Ooh I hope you love it!! If you do I so can’t wait to discuss it with you. And I noticed that. I also couldn’t find a date for the the third Magnus & Alec book (although I do still need to start that series 🙈) and saw that her non Shadowhunter book has been pushed back a year again 😭

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