september wrap-up!! // fall is here!

Fall is finally here and I’m beyond ready but also it’s October. Please send me the number for the existential hotline because I think I might need to call in. Also, I’m so sorry that this wrap-up won’t be super in depth and that all my monthly posts are a bit late. Vacation during the last week of September = zero blogging done. Zero.

me @ fall

I only read four books this month and strangely enough, two were 5 stars and favorites of the year and the other two are tentative 3 stars. So I’m going to talk about them in pairs!

The Two 3 Stars of Extreme Disappointment

The Southern Book Club’s Guide To Slaying Vampires by Grady Hendrix | I’ve heard great things about Grady Hendrix’s books, and I mean, this follows a group of Southern moms who start a book club and then a vampire waltzes into town. Sounds good…right? I originally considered giving this four stars but honestly? I hated the way the men in this book gaslit their wives. I absolutely despised certain moments of this book that would certainly be triggering for some. I can’t wait to write my review on this because holy crap: thoughts galore.

The Ones We’re Meant To Find by Joan He | Wait! Before you send me a scathing email or offended comment, let me explain! This is a story about two sisters in the faraway future, and one is stuck on an island and the other inhabits what’s left of the eco-cities. I think Joan He did a wonderful job with her characters, her commentary on climate, and of course those plot twists. However, I struggled so much with this book. I’m bad at sci-fi, but then add on that I listened to it? Very little information stayed in my brain. Most of it went to the North Pole. So this particular 3 star rating is due to me and me alone, not the quality of the book itself.

My Two 5 Stars and New Favorites of the Year!

Once Upon A Broken Heart by Stephanie Garber | I’m fully, completely in love with books that feel like fairytales, that often seem like just a speck away from a once upon a time or happily ever after. I’m also fully in love with Jacks. So, naturally, I fell totally, irrevocably in love with this story. Evangeline Fox’s foray into the Magnificent North to find her happy ending was so much fun to read about! My imagination was thriving with all the infusions of pure magic Stephanue puts into her words. AH I LOVE THIS SO MUCH I CAN’T EVEN.

Fable by Adrienne Young | This is a story that follows a girl named Fable who was abandoned on an island by her father. Years later, she joins up with a crew to find him and get what’s hers. I listened to this book while at the beach and it! was! so! good! Fable is an incredible main character, Adrienne Young’s writing is as atmospheric as ever, and I was living for all the family/found family drama. I am about as angry as a seagull that I waited this long.

So that’s it! Tell me your favorite read of September, or whether you’ve read any of these! And yes, I’m extraordinarily behind on reviews. It’s kind of scary at this point.

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24 thoughts on “september wrap-up!! // fall is here!

  1. Omg I thought I was the only one who couldn’t grasp what on earth (or in the sky 😏) was going on while reading TOWAMTF? (I am actually glad I buddy read that one, otherwise I would have had an existential crisis) Anyway, I have already roasted the book a lot in my lengthy review last month so not going to go down that road again.
    Yess both OUABH and Fable are on my TBR, I’m excited to read them!

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    1. oh my gosh yesss! i hope you love it! OUABH is one of my favorites! and don’t be, so many people love the ones we’re meant to find!! i would recommend reading it physically if you aren’t normally an auditory listener (don’t make my mistake lol!)💜

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  2. Ah I’m sorry The Ones We’re Meant to Find wasn’t for you (it was my favourite earlier this year hehe), but am glad to see you found two new favourites!! I’ve been meaning to get to Fable for such a long time, and I think this is the push, so that in your words I won’t also be “as angry as a seagull” waiting that long haha. Great wrap up, and wishing you a lovely October, Kaya!!

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  3. I totally get your frustration with The Southern Book Club’s Guide To Slaying Vampires, and I was very angry with the husbands in that book too, which is why I was disappointed that we don’t see more character development in the women after what happened with James.

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