Is The Renegades Trilogy Worth The Hype???

Guys, I found this post in my drafts from February 2020. I apologize in advance.

Today, I’m going to be discussing a bit of a polarizing series: The Renegades Trilogy by Marissa Meyer.

yes, we all know i love this trilogy but i promise i’ll be subjective objective!

So What IS This Series About???


Let’s Try That Again, Shall We?

*sighs dramatically.* It’s about a futuristic world, where some are born with powers. The Renegades (basically the Avengers) liberated the world from the Anarchists (the bad guys) and now run the world. Nova is the niece of the ringleader of the Anarchists, Ace Anarchy, and is seeking revenge against the Renegades for the murder of Ace and her family. Adrian Everhart is the son of the two leaders of the Renegades, and is hiding a huge secret. Basically, Nova pretends to be a Renegade and she’s placed in Adrian’s team. Crap goes down.

Are There Any Strong Points???

  • DIVERSITY. First and foremost, we should always be supporting ownvoices authors. But I will say that although Marissa Meyer is a white woman, she is not Sarah J. Maas. There is a Black character, an Italian-Filipino character, a character with a disability, and two dads.
  • Unique Powers! We’re all totally obsessed with Marvel, right? RIGHT? Or at least, a lot of people are. It’s really hard to come up with unique superpowers, since there’s so many now. But Marissa Meyer really pulls it off! For example, Adrian can draw things to life. That leads to a lot of interesting discoveries about his powers.
  • Slow-Burn Enemies-To-Lovers Romance! Slow-burn enemies-to-lovers is my favorite thing ever. But this isn’t about me. Honestly, the romance is more sweet than steamy. But it’s very slow, and the characters have quite a lot of chemistry! If only there weren’t so many secrets being kept…

do you have ANYTHING constructively negative to say about this series?

No. Never. Although…

  • It can get slow. While there is action, this is surprisingly more character-driven than it would seem. Archenemies especially focuses more on character relationships.
  • UM. It’s a little unrealistic…talking about the conclusion. I feel like it was a little cut-and-dry predictable, you know? Not going to expand because spoilers but just know that this isn’t brutal.
  • it honestly just isn’t some people’s jam. It does read a little younger as compared to a lot of the YA market. And while it’s not heavy sci-fi, it does have sci-fi elements to it.


Renegades is a fantastic trilogy, for the right reader. Either you’ll adore the characters, or you’ll be disappointed by the lack of plot. My personal favorite is Supernova, followed by Renegades and then Archenemies. Tell me: have you read this trilogy? Are you planning to?

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