Makeup Book-Tag!

Hi friends! I was tagged by the wonderful Abby @ Beyond The Read to do this tag, and well, I really loved the prompts so I’m excited to try it out! I’m uh…no makeup guru guys. I occasionally throw on some eyeliner and two hours later I realize that my raccoon eyes have been enhanced. Anyways, this involves books (something that I am at least loosely knowledgeable about) so let’s get on with it!

Primer—Pick a book that left a lasting impression.

I’m going to pretend that I know why people use primer. Anyways, A Tale of Two Cities is one of those books that I feel as if I owe a reread. If I had vlogged myself reading it, all you would have seen was a floating head* whining miserably until the last two chapters. Then, the floating head would have turned to tears. But the opening lines? The final few scenes with Syndey Carton? They’re so memorable, so haunting…I could talk for hours about it.

*i’m so bad with camera angles when multitasking it’s not even funny

Foundation—Pick your favorite first book in a series.

I very much adore this entire series, but An Ember in the Ashes is so incredibly good. It’s violent and brutal, but still contains embers (ha i’m clever) of hope. Laia and Elias are impossible not to ship even amidst a boiling revolution and a terrifying competition. Really, this book’s only flaw is that it lacks our queen Helene’s perspective.

Concealer—Pick a character you wish you could get rid of.

Hennessy is so obnoxious, she’s like living, breathing cigarette smoke. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jordan! But Hennessy is the actual worst. She talks too much. She lies too much. She’s completely, totally, irrevocably selfish. And yet she expects people to feel bad for her? Ma’am, you are more delusional than a sugar moon.

Powder—Pick your favorite last book in a series.

Abby also mentioned Winter and she’s 100% right: it’s a literary masterpiece. We get to see all the different character perspectives, and a conclusion worthy of all the epicness this world possesses.

Clockwork Princess is just a shoo-in at this point because what an ending. Tears are shed, laughs are elicited, I suddenly have an obsession with Victorian London…yeah, this was a good one. I need to reread it again but I simply cannot imagine a more beautiful, perfectly bittersweet end to a trilogy than this.

Eyebrows—A book you think everyone should read.

Who isn’t enamored by the tragic story of the Titanic, whether it be by the movie or the facts themselves. Luck of the Titanic is a heartbreaking portrayal of the horrid prejudice the Chinese faced. How many people know that there were in fact eight Chinese passengers on the Titanic that fateful trip? How many people understand the gravity of what was covered up concerning their treatment? Although this is historical friction, and therefore takes some creative liberties, Luck of the Titanic is an important story to remember.

Eyeliner—Pick a dark and mysterious book.

Down Comes The Night is gothic, atmospheric, and full of mystery. I love the characters, the setting, the magic, and the dark wintery vibes. I also love eyeliner so…

Mascara—Pick a long book.

This is a 900-page book. Yes, even looking at that number makes me tired. I loved most of it don’t get me wrong but that’s a LOT of words.

Blush—Pick a book that had a cringe-worthy romance.

The romance between Hollin and Silas was so sickly sweet and instant that I actually thought that it was made-up. I am an enemies-to-lovers fanatic. I am not an insta-love obsessed teenager who thinks it’s sweet when people are whispering sweet nothings on their third meeting.

Highlighter—Pick a book that brightened your day.

Imagine if I shut up about this book. What a terribly sad alternate reality that would be because this is a GOOD one. I adore this book with my whole heart and soul because it’s not just full of happy moments, but painful ones and joyful ones and moments that are full of change. It’s a book that altered my view on love and people, and every time I consider rereading it, my heart just gets fuller.

Lipstick—Your favorite book kiss.

I have no idea which kiss I’m talking about or which book it’s in but I guess literally every time jude and Cardan kiss is a treat. I mean, remember that enemies-to-lovers thing I was talking about earlier? Yeah, this is proof of my obsession.

So that’s it! I tag anyone who wants to do this, because I’m late and I’m not sure who’s done this!

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19 thoughts on “Makeup Book-Tag!

  1. Awesome post Kaya!
    Winter is a pretty good conclusion to The Lunar Chronicles, I totally agree with you and Abby there!
    And I have seen so many negative reviews of The Betrothed (Yours wasn’t technically a review, but still), that I am super reluctant to even add it to my TBR, even though I enjoyed The Selection.
    I see so many books on my TBR here, glad you enjoyed them!
    Great post, once again!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you so much!
      winter is honestly SO good haha! oh no! yeah, i read it when it first came out and it’s unfortunately just not as good as the selection😔 but it IS really short, so if you’re curious you could definitely give it a go!
      thank you so so much, hope you’re having a wonderful september💜

      Liked by 1 person

  2. i agree with you on the insta love thing, i think it just feels fake if (to quote you) “people are whispering sweet nothings on their third meeting”. i mean, give me enemies to lovers! give me friends to lovers! make it slowburn! i don’t care what you do as long as it’s not insta love!! and therefore i am now very interested in the wicked king, and very NOT interested in the betrothed. thanks for the post!!

    Liked by 1 person

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