My Top 5 Retellings! // as in, 5 of my favorites

Just to clarify, this will be in no particular order because imagine having your life together enough to play favorites. Couldn’t be me. Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads!

I’m starting basic, I know. But I don’t like science-fiction, I love fairytales, and The Lunar Chronicles combines both of those facts to create a series I am absolutely obsessed with. Cress in particular retells the story of Rapunzel with such creative flair that it’s most certainly one of my all-time favorites.

A cornucopia (please be proud of that big word) of fairy-tales is still a retelling right? To be honest, my choice for this changed at least three times so Land of Stories better count. This is just a great middle-grade series following so many fantastical characters!

Yeah yeah yeah, another Cinderella retelling. But this one is just so creative and fun and ahhh! This follows one of Cinderella’s stepsisters after Cinderella gets her happy ending. There’s also a straight up bet between Fate and Chance, a possible invasion, and the Faerie Queen. And I’m obsessed with this cover.

I’m not the most familiar with the Sherlock Holmes stories, but I thought that this series did a great job of retelling them with a modern twist. Also! The romantic sparks between Charlotte and Jamie were just everything!

I’m going to throw a hard curveball here and say that I think that The Kane Chronicles needs so much more credit for the way Egyptian mythology is told. I remember absolutely adoring this trilogy when I was younger for so many reasons, not least of which is that I was obsessed with the love triangle. And yes, I did like how it ended. Even if I can’t remember it now.

So that’s it! Share one of your favorite retellings!

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24 thoughts on “My Top 5 Retellings! // as in, 5 of my favorites

  1. I should read The Lunar Chronicles soon! It just pops up everywhere and it is also in my TBR. And there are so many great reviews of this book😁!
    And i should definitely read a lot more retellings. I greatly miss out on those😄

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  2. i also love the lunar chronicles, and cress is one of my favorite books in the series!! step sister sounds amazing, and i really want to read it now. another retelling i love is cinderella is dead!!

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  3. “But I don’t like science-fiction, I love fairytales, and The Lunar Chronicles combines both of those facts to create a series I am absolutely obsessed with.”

    I’m the same, not a sci-fi fan, but love fairytales. I really loved Cinder, couldn’t get into Scarlet. Is Cress one I should try? Do I need Scarlet to read Cress?

    Also, have you read “The School for Good and Evil” series?

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    1. Yesss, exactly! You’ll probably be relatively confused if you don’t read Scarlet, since Cress directly follows from it. But you could try reading Cress and seeing if you like it!

      And YES, I’ve read the first trilogy! I really want to continue on with them. I actually almost put it on the list, but wanted to highlight some different ones lol!


  4. Ooh yes I love The Lunar Chronicles too, while my favourite was Winter, honestly, the whole series was so ingenious all the references everywhere were a delight to read about! I’m very heartened to see Stepsister on this list as well, a friend recommended it to me a while back and I’m even more hyped by the mention of fate and chance! For me, a few favourite retellings, not fairytale though, would be These Violent Delights and Legendborn! 🥰

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    1. winter is so close to being my favorite tbh! and ikr, i feel like i need to reread it because of all the great details. and yesss, i’d highly recommend stepsister!! AH i totally forgot about legendborn!! that one is so good. i need to read these violent delights as well! thank you so much for the recs💜

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