quote of the (random) week!

Time for my not-weekly quote! Personally, this is one that really makes me think.

“The impossible could not have happened, therefore the impossible must be possible in spite of appearances.”

Agatha Christie, Murder on the Orient Express

So that’s it! I just really love how Poirot talks because it makes me realize how dumb I am. Gotta improve on those Sherlock deductive powers! Have you read this book?

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13 thoughts on “quote of the (random) week!

  1. Ahh Orient Express is one of my favourite mystery/crime book!! Also I have read quite a lot of Christie, so I totally get you feeling dumb whenever Poirot says something like this haha.

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  2. Okay so my head is aching. again. can somebody pl explaainn—I hv been trying to figure out since years.
    And yes, I have read Murder on the orient express and I love it!! I hv read 10 of Agatha Christie’s books. Out of those 10 I love ‘after the funeral’ the most. Hv you read it?

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    1. i think that this is a quote that really only makes the most sense with context! the gist of it is, what one THINKS is impossible (and is usually just improbable) is most likely possible when considering actual impossibilities.
      that’s an amazing number of christie’s books! i haven’t read after the funeral, but i’m excited to hear that you loved it because i’ve been worried that i’ve read most of the “good” ones!

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