Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Books Ft. Plants On The Cover!

Before I start talking about books with plants on the cover, I want to give an honorable mention to These Violent Delights because it would totally work for this topic…except I used it last week. I’m really quite good at looking ahead and planning things through*. Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads.

*in fact, i would even say that i’m nearly as good at it as i am at sarcasm.

SO MUCH GREEN. You know that GIF of Donald Duck when money signs pop into his eyes*? That’s me but with l e a v e s. The smattering of purple and golden flowers are a gorgeous contrast to the lush greenery.

*that might have actually been scrooge. or maybe i just made that up idk reality is relative.

This gives me Narnia vibes with the door engraved into the tree. I love how dreamy and surreal it all looks, like going near the tree will give you supernatural healing or something.

I’ve always wanted to eat those mushrooms because when I was younger, they looked like loaves of bread or cake. Anyways, this particular edition of Alice in Wonderland features so many richly drawn plants. I love the style of the artwork as well!

This cover is practically perfect in every way and no, there are no other opinions that will be taken today thank you very much. Look at the sheer artistic beauty of those flowers, and the size contrast with which they’re drawn.

This is ironically my least favorite book in The Raven Cycle and simultaneously my most favorite cover. The blues and greens are so, so well-drawn. And I love how the girl on the cover almost seems to be a plant herself. Or Te Fiti from Moana.

So that’s it! This has more or less been the post of blues and greens, but they’re all so extraordinarily beautiful. What’s a favorite cover of yours with plants on it?

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