let’s talk about fruits basket! (and no, it is not about a basket of fruit)

If you had asked me some months ago what I prefer watching, slice of life anime with a touch of fantasy would not have been my answer. And then Fruits Basket came along in all it’s humorous, emotional glory to steal my heart for good. And I will be talking about the 2019 version, because I haven’t seen the original!

Note: This post will be discussing the “secret” the Sohma family keeps, which is revealed in the very first episode. However, if you like to go in totally blind, you can stop reading here!

Fruits Basket is an anime following Tohru Honda, who moves in with several members of the Sohma family after her mom dies. The Sohma boys are hiding a secret that will change Tohru’s life forever: they actually have the Zodiac spirits inside of them! They change whenever a member of the opposite gender has contact with them.

i honestly thought that i would be the last person who would ever enjoy this.

I mean, it’s a sort of romance anime with a dash of fantasy. It’s not usually my cup of tea.

Season 1 especially made me doubt my TV decisions. It’s humorous, yeah, but we’re also introduced to like 10-15 characters and their backstories. That orange-haired boy in the GIF above, Kyo, was actually my main driving factor for watching most of the first season. He’s kinda the “bad boy” as opposed to our other main male, Yuki. There’s sort of a secret surrounding him in the first season, and there were instances where I could see where his character arc might go. I was also really surprised at several of the characters and their backstories: they were a lot sadder and darker than you might think at first. Like, I cried and while I was crying I was shaking my head in confusion. The ending was the other highlight of the season, it made me cry and smile and realize just how invested I was in Yuki, Kyo, and Tohru’s characters. While Season 1 had some great moments, it was overall sort of awkward to watch with all the new characters, the out-of-left-field humor, and the unbelievable storylines per episode.

season 2 is where things take FLIGHT though.

We get the famous anime beach arc, but we also get to see more and more of the darker undertones that spans the series. It was also early in the season that I realized that not only was Kyo my favorite character, but he and Tohru were my official ship. It’s actually thanks to the foundation that Season 1 provides that allows for Season 2 to be so good. While they introduce a few more characters, most of them have already been introduced. Because of that, the banter and character interactions are perfection. The emotional heights also climb because the Sohma family’s head Akito is unfortunately extremely abusive, and the evidence of this abuse is starting to be pushed into the spotlight.

Season 3 is only 13 episodes, but it’s one of the best seasons of anything I’ve ever watched. The tension just climbs and climbs. I mean, I was PANICKING because will my ship sail? Will everyone be able to break the curse and escape? A lot of crying happened this season because the emotional investment in each of the characters was just so well-done. The ending especially had me absolutely sobbing.

The friendships, romance, and humor is really fantastic. However, Fruits Basket is also a shocking surprise in the way it deals with countless issues like abuse, trauma, and depression. The OPs and EPs are also gorgeous and emotional. If you’re not sure about sticking with this through Season 1, please give it a try because I promise the set-up is worth it! Tell me: have you seen this anime?

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8 thoughts on “let’s talk about fruits basket! (and no, it is not about a basket of fruit)

  1. I LOVE THIS SERIES SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!! Kyo and Tohru and Yuki and basically every single character in this anime have my heart. And yes, season 1 was more lighter and funnier than either season 2 or 3. It takes you to some real dark places but somehow it’s all handled deftly and executed so well. Every single episode in that last season was a cry fest 🙈. Sorry for the essay. I just word vomitted at the sight of a fellow Fruits Basket fan 😅

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    1. YESS they’re all so incredible! i totally agree, it’s so rare for a series to be nearly perfect but i think fruits basket truly does come close. so many tears in that last season haha! and don’t apologize, i’m so excited to see another fan too!💜🖤

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  2. I loved the manga and I watched the original 2001 anime (it was… not great.) I’m really looking forward to watching this new version now! Thanks for the review!

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  3. I’m so happy you enjoyed it! I haven’t watched the remake yet (though I need to soon!), but I grew up on the original anime and the manga series and it’s an all-time favorite for life for me. Like you said, it seems all shallow and cute and fluffy on the surface, but then it ends up breaking your heart sometimes! The characters are just- 🥺 I love them so much!

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