Tag Tuesday: Top 10 Titles and Covers That Made Me Want To Read The Book!

There’s nothing like a catchy hook or visually pleasing cover to convince little gullible me to read a book. So that’s what we’re talking about today! Top 10 Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

House of Hollow sounds like both a mysterious fashion line and a horror movie franchise. Add that to a strikingly beautiful cover featuring insects, flowers, and blood on a young girl’s face, and you’ve got me highly invested. Luckily, this book was totally worth my shallow reading motivation!

The entire series of Stalking Jack the Ripper has the most intriguing titles. I think that’s partly why I read the whole series: the titles were just too intriguing to pass up!

Look, it says the word Gothic right there on the cover. I couldn’t ignore that kind of buzzword, plus this jaw-dropping cover. Seriously, who allowed a cover to be this gorgeous.

Where Dreams Descend is downright spectacular as both a title and a cover. The reds are so rich and lush, and I really, really wanted to know where these dreams were descending to.

This has such a poetic title and an artsy cover, how could I resist?

I had a moment where I totally forgot what Summer Bird Blue was even about because holy crap, that cover. So, so magnificent.

Aww come on, what about a bloody glass slipper with the glass shards shattering away into the winds doesn’t scream “dark Cinderella retelling that must be read immediately?”

To be perfectly honest, I saw the word Titanic and instantly requested an ARC. I’m so predictable.

Okay, the title was already making me think fashion, and then this gorgeous cover? Goodbye, self-control.

…okay, so maybe I’m just sorta weak for glass objects marred by drops of crimson blood. What can I say, they’re eye-catching in a simplistic way.

So that’s it! What’s a title or cover that caught your attention?

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