Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Hyped Books I Didn’t Like!

To finish off the slew of “hyped” Top 5 Tuesday topics hosted by Meeghan, we’re going controversial!

I’m pretty sure my review for Escaping From Houdini is my most-viewed review of all time, which is ironic considering it’s one of my most incoherent. I’d heard such fantastic things about this installment and then oops! Audrey Rose becomes impossibly idiotic and Thomas Cresswell is unforgivably slighted! The day I closed this book was the day my soul felt lighter*.

*at least, until i read capturing the devil. i really don’t know what happened to the last half of this series.

It’s been like two years and I’m still reeling from my own disappointment over this one. The first half had so many magical, Project Runway vibes and the second half was just a predictable coming-of-age journey doused with insta-love. WHY COULDN’T I LOVE THIS MORE.

It’s not even that I didn’t like The Bone Houses. It’s more that I was expecting a creepy, unique standalone that gave me a basic journey through the woods with a little bit of rushed romance*. At least there was a zombie goat.

*okie so maybe i’m sensing a pattern here-

It would have been helpful to refresh myself on this book for this post…if my review wasn’t totally wrong. Like yes, this is a great book for mental health reasons. Did I prefer it to The Fault In Our Stars? Heck no. There was no plot. Zero tears were shed. And for some reason, my brain associates whoever the main character is with a duck. Please, help.

I saw people calling this fresh. Unique. Even brilliant. It is none of those things. A Song of Wraiths and Ruin is by no means a bad book. Simply put, it is an overhyped novel lacking in deep characters and a creative plot.

So that’s it! What’s a hyped book you didn’t like? What do you think about these books?

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13 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Hyped Books I Didn’t Like!

  1. i really loved six crimson cranes, but i absolutely hate insta love lmao, so not sure if spin the dawn is the book for me! i read turtles all the way down a few years before blogging, and i liked it, but my expectations were way lower then, and i’m interested in seeing what i think about it now.

    sorry you didn’t love a song of wraiths and ruin! i’ve been hearing only the most wonderful things about it. love this post! 💗

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    1. idk, you could really enjoy the romance in spin the dawn! i think i’m in the minority on thinking it was TOO insta-lovey hehe. that would be so interesting to see how your thoughts have changed!

      ahh, thank you so much! i hope you end up enjoying a song of wraiths and ruin if you end up picking it up💜🖤

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