Tag Tuesday: 5 Hyped Books I DON’T Want To Read!

…because I can’t be a sucker for hype all the time. Only 90% of it. So let’s talk about me not giving into hype for once in my life!

Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads.

One day, I might go weak and read this series. I don’t really want to though. And that’s all I’m going to say for fear of the Maas fandom haha!

Since I was so highly disappointed by the first collaboration between these two authors (aka Illuminae), any mention of how incredible this book is happens to be dampened considerably.

To be honest, I think that the main reason why I don’t want to read this book is that it’s more of a New Adult contemporary. Me and those genres are no bueno.

If I’m going to read a dystopian at this point, it’s gotta be something special. And Shatter Me just has never stood out to me as being anything other than average despite being super hyped.

I will just cite this excellent article explaining the reasons why this is a book that is personally not worth reading and supporting to me, despite its hype.

So that’s it! Tell me a book you don’t want to read despite it being hyped!

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25 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: 5 Hyped Books I DON’T Want To Read!

  1. Hmm I’ve only read a couple of dystopian books, seeing as my expectations are low for it right now maybe I’ll try Shatter Me. If you’re looking for a really special dystopian series: The Territory trilogy is the best way to go! It’s so interesting!

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  2. Interesting post! Several of these are actually some of my favorite reads, but I totally agree that they might not be to every reader’s taste. One really hyped book I probably will never pick up is Holly Black’s The Cruel Prince – I couldn’t even get through one chapter of it for some reason.

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  3. ahh i agree with you- im pretty much of a sucker for the hyped books too lol. i don’t really have an interest in these books, except RW&RB because I read almost 35% of it and it was hilarious. ACOTAR is so hyped tbh i might give in to the hype as well haha.
    i’m not really interested in the folk of the air trilogy, mainly because the cruel prince was painfully average but i might read it sometime in the future!

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  4. ACOTAR is worth every single bit of hype it gets! I am such an SJM fangirl I swear so whenever I see someone who doesn’t want to try them it makes me sad! xx

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      1. I hope you do! I think that the first book in the series really isn’t all that amazing if I am being honest… it finds its feet in A Court of Mist and Fury… I had all the love from that point onwards!

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