Most Anticipated July 2021 Book Releases!

Am I going insane, or is this just one of the most exciting release months yet? Usually July feels slower as publishers prepare for the flurry of fall releases but that doesn’t seem the case this month.

July 6th

Six Crimson Cranes by Elizabeth Lim | Shiori has forbidden magic, and in an effort to avoid the wedding she never wanted, unleashes it. Her stepmother banishes her and turns her brothers into cranes, with any word of their transformation meaning their deaths. I might not have loved Lim’s Spin the Dawn duology as much as most people but this sounds like a beautifully dark fairytale I can’t avoid. Plus, look at that cover!! The Asian representation is *chef’s kiss*.

What We Devour by Linsey Miller | This follows Lorena who’s burdened with a secret: she holds the power of gods in her hands. When the crown prince comes to take away her betrothed’s father, Lorena makes a deal for his freedom in exchange for her service to the crown. This gives off dark, unique Beauty and the Beast vibes and I’m in love.

July 13th

XOXO by Axie Oh | I talk a lot about how picky I am about contemporaries. Yet, I’m always anticipating at least one a month because THEY ALWAYS SOUND SO GOOD. This follows a girl named Jenny who meets a mysterious boy named Jaewoo at her uncle’s karaoke bar. After a revolutionary few hours of adventure, he disappears without a trace. Fast forward to three months later, when Jenny and her mother go to South Korea, and she discovers that Jaewoo is (a) a member of one of the most famous Kpop boy bands in the world and (b), forbidden to date. Considering how much I adored Jessica Jung’s Shine last year, I’m super excited for this story and the Korean rep!

The Therapist by B.A. Paris | UH. I don’t really know much about this except that a woman moves into an apartment complex with her husband and becomes obsessed with discovering the truth about what happened to the therapist who lived there before. This has so much potential to disappoint me…and yet I’m still so very excited for it.

July 20th

False Witness by Karin Slaughter | This is basically a crime thriller following a defense attorney who has to acquit a man because he knows the truth of her past, twenty years ago. Not only does this seem to be a gripping novel, but it also seems to deal with deep topics in an intelligent manner.

Curses by Lish McBride | Gender-bent Beauty and the Beast retelling blurbed by Marissa Meyer. I have no words for my excitement.

Half Sick Of Shadows by Laura Sebastian | It’s been so long since I read The Once and Future King that I have no clue who the Lady of Shallot is. But I know that this follows her as she accompanies Lancelot, Arthur, and Morgana as the king tries to take back his throne. Also, she can see the future.

July 27th

The Silver Blonde by Elizabeth Ross | I’m slightly hesitant on this because I’m not the biggest fan of historical fiction. However, when I learned that this is a Hollywood, glitzy mystery set in post World War II America, featuring a German immigrant, I have to admit I got kind of excited. If this actually has a good mystery I might just love it.

They’ll Never Catch Us by Jessica Goodman | I didn’t love Goodman’s debut but I thought that she had potential, and her next book sounds extremely intriguing! This follows two competing sisters whose lives are upended when the new girl comes to town. That is, until the new girl goes missing…and everyone is watching them.

Small Favors by Erin A. Craig | To be honest, all I really gleaned from the synopsis is “strange town and evil mythical creatures”. To be even more honest, I’m desperately hoping that this book reflects the atmosphere of the first half of House of Salt and Sorrows and not so much the second half.

So that’s it! There so many more books releasing this month, but these are the ones that caught my eye the most! Tell me: what’s a July release you’re most excited for?

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11 thoughts on “Most Anticipated July 2021 Book Releases!

    1. YAY i’m so happy to hear that tbh! i was worried that some of the hype would be more or less directed by people who loved spin the dawn but i’m relieved to hear that six crimson cranes is better hehe. half sick of shadows looks incredible! thank you so much💜🖤

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