recent additions to netgalley and edelweiss that intrigue me…

Hi friends! I was recently browsing through NetGalley and Edelweiss because the websites are a surprisingly good way to keep up with new and upcoming releases* and was hit by just how many cool-sounding books there are??? So obviously, I need to talk about it.

*also, i didn’t request anything??? i actually demonstrated willpower for once in my life??? shoutout to me!

This gives me the highest of Dracula vibes. I mean, a young woman named Illona who’s forced to marry the eldest of the royal family is great and all, but throw in the fact that her betrothed’s cousin Andrei and younger brother Vlad are both catching feelings? This has the potential to swoon me into a saloon or throw me off a cliff of butchered expectations*. You can add it to Goodreads here.

*this sentence makes no sense but hey, you get the gist right? hopefully?

I’m leaving this cover full-sized because oh! my! gosh! This artwork???? Every detail of it is lush and rich and soft and beautiful. Anyways…I’m not really sure what this book is about except that it’s a retelling of a Korean myth called The Tale of Shim Cheong. There’s true brides and spirit realms and sea gods. I really need to step away from Greek mythology into other cultures, plus this has been compared to Spirited Away and Uprooted. Maybe I will be weak and request this because wow that cover. You can add this to Goodreads here.

I think this is a historical retelling of Anastasia so um help??? Basically, a girl named Anna must trust a girl named Evgenia to take her across the country even though they are on opposite sides politically. By which I mean, opposite sides of the revolution that killed Anna’s entire family. You can add this to Goodreads here.

A dark academia thriller, featuring Asian Americans! Apparently, an ex-best friend turns up dead and someone named The Proctor is anonymously incriminating main character Nancy and her friends on social media. The author has also stated that this is a book very near and dear to her heart, considering it touches on the pressure and environment that Asian Americans face when talking about school. You can add this to Goodreads here.

Dreams are apparently one of my buzzwords. Specifically when paired with the word magic. I mean, magicians fighting to protect the world from nightmares? And dreams are actually made manifest? Sign me the heck up! You can add this to Goodreads here.

So that’s it! Share with me a book that intrigues you because haha my TBR really needs to grow!! Definitely!!

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15 thoughts on “recent additions to netgalley and edelweiss that intrigue me…

  1. THE GIRL WHO FELL BENEATH THE SEA has the most gorgeous the most stunning the most wonderful cover ever. it deserves full size XD BUt seriously all of these sound amazing! I’m trying to catch up on my NG reviews so I can do another request binge lolololol

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  2. Ahhhh i’m so excited for how we fell apart, there’s just something about it that makes want to read it asap~~ i’m also so hyped up for the girl who fell beneath the sea, and the artwork is just- I’M SPEECHLESS. it’s just so striking and pretty!!!

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