Tag Tuesday: Top 10 Books With Complete Sentence Titles!

Hi friends! All of you English grammar fans are probably going to be happy with today’s Tag Tuesday topic, because it focuses on titles as complete sentences*. I decided to do Top 10 Tuesday (hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl) today since I didn’t have anything for Top 5 Tuesday. So let’s do this!

*this is…something i struggle with considering i like to make up words and string together incorrigible adjectives until i forget what i was originally talking about. i’m good at english i swear-

I finished this one recently, and it totally counts right? I mean, just italicize some of the words like so: you’re so dead, you’re so dead, etc. It’s a great opener to a ransom note.

Really, I’m only adding this one because I can see it being a complete sentence in a poem? I don’t know if that counts but I want a poem with this as a complete sentence in it. Please.

I know that this is a thriller read but like, I could see this being a line in Mean Girls. Forever read this title in Regina George’s voice.

This is a complete sentence right? Maybe it would be if it were It’s A Tale of Two Cities. But either way, I’m just going to go with this!

Imagine all the possible conversations. For example: “Who will take the ring to Mordor? I’ll be the one!”

I just remembered that I still need to read this book…anyways, this title is a great reply whenever someone asks you where unicorns are! Or where you want to picnic.

10/10 would believe in this extraordinarily descriptive statement.

A name is technically a complete sentence, is it not? A name carries weight, meaning, all the answers to questions you didn’t even know you had. Also, I really needed another book.

It may be in past tense but it’s still a complete sentence! I think!

Past tense really covers a lot of the complete sentence bases apparently.

That’s it! Um, maybe I should review what a complete sentence is…talk to me in the comments below!

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