let’s talk about accessibility!! // changing the blog up!

One personal goal I have for 2021 is that I want my blog to be more accessible to people who have varying needs. So I decided to make this post, as I want to hear from all of you how I can better serve you.

some ideas of my own!

  • Aesthetic: If some people are sensitive to certain colors or patterns, please tell me! For example, photosensitive epilepsy can be caused by contrasting light and dark patterns. If there’s any way I can ease strain on your eyes, feel free to tell me.
  • Being more cognizant of triggers/content warnings: This is something that I want to be better about personally. However, if there are any triggers or content that you personally find upsetting that I can mention consistently in my reviews, let me know! Some people prefer to know if there’s mild or explicit steamy scenes, while others might be sensitive to even the smallest mention of racism.
  • Finally, creating more opportunities for the blind: blogging is a visual art. However, with the help of Anchor by Spotify, you’re now able to translate your blog posts directly into podcast form. I’m not much of a podcaster (or a talker…lol) but I do want to be able to offer a solution or an easier form of access to those who are blind or even those who are affected negatively by sitting and reading at a computer for too long. The first episode containing my thoughts on From Little Tokyo, With Love is live now! I ask that you give me grace and patience as I’m not very comfortable talking in front of a mic but I hope to get better at it eventually.

That’s all I have for the moment! Please share any and all ideas you have below, or anything that you’d like me to do better with!

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18 thoughts on “let’s talk about accessibility!! // changing the blog up!

  1. I have heard about Anchor podcast as well and me too not a podcast person but that or a booktube is something i’m thinking for future, not now though. I’m still not comfortable talking to camera. I also want to be better at mentioning trigger warning. Most of time I remember to include it somewhere in my review but I tend to forget half the time.

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  2. I love that you’re working towards making your blog more accessible, Kaya! I’d love to make a podcast, but I’m not really comfortable speaking in front of a mic and putting my voice on the internet, but it’s awesome you are. Just followed the podcast!
    Also, I love the font you use on your blog. Do you mind telling me which one it is?

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  3. This is such a fantastic idea, and I had no idea that WordPress had that feature! If I wasn’t so shy, I might consider doing the podcast idea ❤

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