Most Anticipated May Book Releases!

Hi, yes, please ignore the fact that I’m posting about my most anticipated releases before my April wrap-up. You know what they say in Meet The Robinsons

But really, I’ll hopefully be posting my April wrap-up soon, and getting back into the swing of blogger things! With that being said, let’s talk about books.

may 6th

The Ones We’re Meant To Find by Joan He | SO many of my Goodreads friends have loved this, and He’s debut was absolutely fantastic! So obviously, when I heard that this was a sci-fi OwnVoices thriller I knew I had to have it! Also, it’s described as “We Were Liars meets Black Mirror with a dash of Studio Ghibli”. Excuse me…?

Luck of the Titanic by Stacey Lee | I’ve already read this one and it was really good. Absolutely heartbreaking, but good. I loved how it took inspiration from recently uncovered accounts of Chinese aboard the Titanic to create a fresh historical fiction story that is equal parts sad and inspirational.

Better Than the Movies by Lynn Painter | I like how I complain about contemporaries but am continually excited by at least one month after month. Maybe I’m not an edgy Slytherin*. Anyways, this follows a girl who schemes with the boy next door to get her crush’s attention so they can go to prom. Very rom-com-esque, but what can I say. It’s a good formula.

*all my wandavision stans will get it

Blade of Secrets by Tricia Levenseller | Originally, I wasn’t going to add this one because I wanted to keep it to my most anticipated. Then I found out that the main character isn’t some witty warrior or magical princess or clever assassin. No, it’s a (relatively) normal girl who finds peace in forging metal when society gives her anxiety. Forget the sword-chasing quest with a trio of misfits, the heroine is the real shining star here.

Realm Breaker by Victoria Aveyard | I am beyond curious to see how Aveyard follows up her debut series. I mean, pirates??? Also, I heard this has villain romance which has me h y p e r v e n t i l a t i n g. And another band of misfit companions! I have so many weaknesses! Help!

may 11th

From Little Tokyo, With Love by Sarah Kuhn | I still need to write my review on this one, but I really enjoyed it. An angry girl who doesn’t believe in happy ever afters running around Little Tokyo with a famous, chill celebrity boy searching for her mother? And they’re both biracial? And it reflects fairy-tales while also being self-aware? Heck yeah, this was good.

may 18th

Made in Korea by Sarah Suk | Okay but like, this premise gives me so many enemies-to-lovers vibes that I’m here for. From what I know, this follows two teens who compete with their Korean beauty businesses at their school. Like, we love two savvy entrepreneurs.

Mister Impossible by Maggie Steifvater | You have no idea how desperate I am for this title to make sense after actually reading the book. Because if they actually chose that title for no reason other than it sounded cool…I’m scared. Anyways, I have the most lukewarm relationship with Maggie Stiefvater’s books in the history of lukewarm relationships so obviously I’m eager to continue the trend!

may 25th

Tokyo Ever After by Emiko Jean | Crazy Rich Asians meets The Princess Diaries. No, I’m most certainly, definitely, for sure not over the moon excited about this. This also seems like it’ll have a great commentary on identity, with the main character being Japanese-American and discovering that her dad is the Crown Prince of Japan.

The Ivies by Alexa Donne | Again: I complain about YA thrillers but they also sound so good all the time. Maybe I have a problem. However, this is being compared to Holly Jackson’s books and seems to have possible dark academia vibes so I think I’ll be weak and read it.

That’s it! There were…many more releases than I thought there were. Someone tell me why I thought that half of these were being releases later in the year, or why I didn’t seem to comprehend that May is not in fact the 8th month of the year and is the 5th. Either way, this is a lot of books. Tell me which one you’re most excited for!!

13 thoughts on “Most Anticipated May Book Releases!

  1. I’m really excited about “The Ones We’re Meant to Find”. I also want to read Mr. Impossible, but I need to read the first book in The Dreamer series first! (Oops). Thanks for sharing! x

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  2. I completely agree with your sentiments about YA thrillers. I kept seeing that cover and thinking, oh just another YA thriller about girls at a school, but then I read the blurb and felt like I need to read it. Something about them just sucks you in, even if they are super unrealistic and wild.

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