an anticipated 2021 release: once upon a broken heart // the prince of hearts is back!

Hi friends! I’m here to share with you all a 2021 release that I had no idea was releasing this year but HELLO?!?! I need to see more hype about it because it sounds so good. Plus, I’m Jacks’s biggest fan (fight me) so I’m desperate to discuss this book. Also, I’m doing these 2021 anticipated releases posts way out of order because I meant to do Realm Breaker but um got way too excited about this one today.

Before I share what exactly this book is, let me offer you this summary. Imagine a girl who was raised in a curiosity shop, brought up on legends and myths. Now imagine that this girl is fated to watch the love of her life marry another, so she strikes a deal with the legendary Prince of Hearts(!) to stop it from happening. He asks for a mere three kisses, but after the first one, it becomes clear that she’s dealing with someone with a more sinister plan in mind. And this is written by Stephanie Garber, author of the Caraval series with very whimsical prose.

*i’m really good at describing things didn’t you know?

But also! Look at that glorious cover! I adored the Caraval covers but this is so very elegant. Most importantly, this has my favorite character from the Caraval series, Jacks, in it. I just…need a moment to recover from my own excitement.

So that’s it! Am I the only one super hyped about this? Let me know down below if you’re excited for this one, or if you’ve read the Caraval series! Once Upon A Broken Heart comes out September 28, 2021.

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8 thoughts on “an anticipated 2021 release: once upon a broken heart // the prince of hearts is back!

  1. wait I did not know this book exists!!! and I now need it asap!! I loved her caraval series and cant wait for this to be published!


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