April TBR!

Hi friends! Normally, I don’t make a TBR. But there are four books I want to get through this month, so I figured I might as well go over those!

Hamlet by William Shakespeare | This is the final play I have to read for class, and I’m honestly loving it so far. So I’m really excited to finish it up this month!

Luck of the Titanic by Stacey Lee | I’m really liking this one so far as well. I was really excited when I heard that this is a reimagining of the infamous Titanic tragedy, after a real-life account of eight Chinese passengers was recently discovered. So this follows a Chinese-British acrobat named Valora Luck who boards the Titanic to join with her brother Jamie.

From Little Tokyo, With Love by Sarah Kuhn | This follows a biracial Japanese-white girl who’s struggling to find her own fairy-tale and she ends up traveling Little Tokyo with a cute actor who’s also a biracial Filipino-Chinese boy and ahhh this seems so adorable and exciting and I’m all for more stories featuring biracial narratives.

Queen of Air and Darkness by Cassandra Clare | If I have time, I want to continue this monstrous 900 page book because Shadowhunters. The Last Hours calls.

So that’s it! Tell me your reading plans for April!

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13 thoughts on “April TBR!

  1. I hope you like QOAAD! It’s my least favourite Shadowhunter book *but* it’s still good and very entertaining! I’m planning to reread TMI and TID before I get into Last Hours but I’m so looking forward to it because I hear people raving about it ALL. THE. TIME.
    Anyways, I hope you get to all of the books in your TBR!

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    1. oh my gosh, is it really??? i’m sorry to hear that, i’m a bit scared haha! city of fallen angels is my least favorite so far i think. and ikr the last hours gets so much hype and i am so ready! i hope you enjoy your rereads! thank you so much💜

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      1. ahaha, don’t be, it might be totally different you and you end up loving it! 🙂 city of fallens angels is my least favourite bok in tmi so i get that!
        thank you! 😊

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  2. Hamlet’s one of my favorite Shakespeare plays!! Glad to know you’re enjoying it too 😍💖
    Ok I would love to read Luck Of the Titanic, and From Little Tokyo, With Love sounds awesome too! I’m totally gonna check those out 💜

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