March Wrap-Up!

Hi friends! I’m here with my March wrap-up, which is admittedly quite small. School has been ramping up, and we had to take a week off for my brother to do a basketball tournament out of state. With that being said, I’m really sorry that I haven’t been able to blog-hop or post as much. Hopefully, life will slow down soon! Also, it’s currently Good Friday, so happy early Easter from me to you! Since a side of my mom’s family is Greek, we also say “Christos Anesti” or “He is risen.” Yes, that scene in My Big Fat Greek Wedding is accurate.


Legendborn by Tracey Deonn | This is a great OwnVoices mashup of Shadowhunters meets King Arthur. Basically, this follows a girl named Bree who joins a collegiate secret society of demon hunters descended from the Knights of the Round Table in order to figure out if her mother’s death was an accident or not. I LOVED this one! Despite some info-dumping, and Bree being ridiculously annoying at times, the high points far outweighed the low. Selwyn Kane has joined my all-time favorite character list, the world itself is fascinating, and the plot is absolutely gripping. There were also some interesting themes of racism discussed. Overall, this was a solid debut that I gave 4.5/5 stars!

Henry V by William Shakespeare | I had to read this for class and all I can say is meh. We’ve already moved onto Hamlet which not only has such rich, poetic language, but an actually interesting storyline. I technically didn’t totally finish the last act so um take from that what you will. There’s not much else to say. 2.75/5 stars.

House of Hollow by Krystal Sutherland | I loved this book so very much. I’m also so very shocked, humbled, and honored that Penguin Teen used a quote from my review to make the asset above! This really is the best horror book I’ve ever read because it’s creepy, intriguing, funny, chilling, emotional, and addicting all at once. This is a story of lost sisters and weird creatures, unnatural flowers and empowering women. Anything horrific felt like it had a purpose. I never felt like I was reading anything written purely for shock value. Oh yeah, this follows a girl named Iris who is one of the three Hollow sisters who are famous for disappearing for a whole month and returning unharmed. None of them have any memories of what happened. Ever since, though, weird things have always happened around the girls. When Iris’s oldest sister Grey goes missing again, it’s up to her and her middle sister, Vivi, to find her. A solid 4.5/5 stars.

So that’s it! I haven’t really had the time to be invested in too much other media this month, but I’ll probably have something to talk about in April! Tell me how your month went!

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14 thoughts on “March Wrap-Up!

  1. It’s so cool that Penguin Teen used a quote from your review!!
    This was a great wrap-up! I’ve heard nonstop wonderful things about Legendborn so I can’t wait to read it (also the fact that it’s compared to shadowhunters is definitely making me more eager)
    House of Hollow has such a beautiful cover! Good to know that the story is as good as its exterior 😄

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